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How to make a Christmas tree garland out of paper. How to make a snowball, garland or Christmas tree toy out of cotton wool. Round fan garland

You will need glue, strong thread, glitter, and paste (star-shaped noodles). Apply PVA glue to each part with a brush. Then use another brush to apply silver or gold glitter. Wait until everything is dry and periodically carefully tie the paste to the rope as shown in the photo.

Pine cone garland

To make it look more effective and match your interior, the buds can also be painted with acrylic paint ... Pour some paint into a disposable plate and blot the bump on all sides (or use a paintbrush). After the paint dries, the bumps can be tied to a light wool thread of a contrasting shade, e.g. Loaf.

Yarn tassels

If you are knitting and have unused balls of yarn, make a "yarn garland" out of it. The more gorgeous and larger the brushes, the more spectacular the finished thing will look.

Wool pompoms

Another option is to make wool pompoms instead of brushes, or to combine both options. It's convenient to make small pom poms with a fork and wrap wool around them.

Knitted garland

You can use any old t-shirts, shirts, or dresses on them. The rest of the braid will do. The main thing is that the fabrics match in color. Cut the fabric into strips of equal length and width and simply tie them together with a coarse thread.

An enchanting garland can be made from dried flowers and provided with additional decorative details: paper birds, stars or Christmas trees.

Ice garland

You can use ice garlands for the winter garden or courtyard. To do this, take ice molds, pour water into them, put a few drops of paint in each mold and stir the paint in water. Then cut a long rope and dip it into each shape. Put the shapes in the freezer and wait for the garland to freeze.

Chain garland

This is the easiest option that we can all make from strips of paper since kindergarten. If you use double-sided paper with metallic, it looks more interesting.

Garland of sweets

Buy a bag of lollipops wrapped in cellophane and use a stapler to tuck the candies together until you have a long chain.

Christmas trees made of paper

First, prepare a paper template, according to which you will need to cut the tree-shaped blanks. You can use cardboard and old postcards for this. Glue the finished cardboard Christmas trees at the same distance with glue or secure them with thread.

Cotton wool snowball

From cosmetic cotton balls, form lumps of different sizes and attach them to the fishing line with a needle. You will need a glue gun to keep the balls from moving.

Gingerbread cookies

If you are making canned cookies, be sure to make a few holes before putting the cookies in the oven. Making toys and garlands for the Christmas tree from ginger dough is a pleasure.

Vertical cones

Cut out cones from colored paper. Better if it is thick and light, glue and thread it on a thread. To keep the cone in place, you can glue it with a drop of glue from a heat gun or secure it with a small bead.


And such a mini garland can be used to decorate indoor plants in the house.

Seldom is a holiday complete without such a popular decoration as a garland. Spread over the entire room, it immediately creates a festive atmosphere. You can buy it in the store, but it is better to do it yourself. You can make original garlands from corrugated paper (and any other) - inexpensive, multi-colored and easy-to-use material.

We offer several original ideas and master classes to help you make your home festive and elegant.

You can make such a decoration very easily and quickly. We need: corrugated cardboard, scissors and glue.

Step one. We cut two rolls of corrugated cardboard of different colors, a piece 2 to 4 cm wide. As a result, we get two small rolls.

Step two. We glue the ends of the rolls, as shown in the picture.

Step three. We throw a tape over the glue point and align it. Next, fold the second ribbon in the same way. We continue to shift the layers of the paper tapes across.

Step four. We intertwine both ribbons to the end and we get such a stack of multi-colored layers. We glue the ends of the ribbons and unfold our creation. An elegant DIY garland is ready.

From monochrome paper:

Colorful festive garland

To make such a bright garland, we need three-colored corrugated cardboard, scissors and a sewing machine.

Use procedure:

  1. Cut three different colored ribbons out of paper. We fold two tapes with an overlap, and then cover them from above with a third tape.
  2. Then with one seam we sew all three ribbons on a typewriter in the middle, that is, in the place where they connect. To keep the ribbons from coming apart, you can sweep them first.
  3. Gather the sewn ribbon and gently sip the ends of the threads. We have an original colorful garland that you can use to decorate any holiday.

Fringe garland

For creativity we only need a roll of corrugated cardboard, a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.

Use procedure:

  1. We cut the whole roll into several small rolls. We roll them out and get long ribbons.
  2. We fold the ribbons in several layers, sew them in the middle and bend them in half. Use curly scissors to cut the edges of the ribbons.
  3. Next, cut into small edges, leaving the center intact. We straighten the ribbon and get an airy and fluffy garland. Even a student can do it with his own hands and with the help of his mother.

Garland of paper sheets

A stylish festive garland can even be made from bows. We need several rolls of corrugated cardboard in different colors, glue, scissors and a thin piece of string.

Use procedure:

  1. We make arcs using a diagram that clearly shows the whole work process.
  2. We tie bows on a string and decorate the ballroom.

Hawaiian pearl garland

We need: thread matching the color of the garland, scissors and a large amount of corrugated cardboard.

Use procedure:

  1. We cut long strips of paper with a width of 5 cm. We start by putting straight stitches "needle first" in the center of the strip. After three or four stitches, we pull the paper into an accordion.
  2. Next, we twist the resulting bundle of papers clockwise, continue a few more stitches on the strip, tighten the new bundle and twist it in the same direction. As a result, we get a kind of paper spiral.
  3. We continue to sew, pulling the paper into bundles until the strip ends. Then we sew the tips of the "Hawaiian pearls" together. This way, you can make a garland with your own hands to decorate a Christmas tree, Hawaiian party or wedding car.

How to make a garland in the shape of a heart

Homemade heart pendants are best for decorating Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary, but can also be used for other family celebrations. There are many options for heart garlands, we have the simplest and cutest.

You will need:

  • colored paper (sheets from the school for creativity are well suited);
  • decorative thread;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • Perforator.

Hearts are traditionally made of pink paper. However, if you want, you can cut them out in different colors.

  1. We cut the paper into strips. For a heart you need two strips of 17 x 2.5 cm, two strips of 14 x 2.5 cm, two strips of 11 x 2.5 cm and one strip of 9 x 2.5 cm.
  2. Fold each strip in half, one at a time, and place it inside one another without bending according to the "nesting dolls" principle according to the diagram in Fig. 1. 2-4.
  3. Connect the ends of the strips with a stapler. Half of the heart is ready. Shape the other half in the same way.
  4. Connect the halves with a stapler and place the "tail" (the shortest strip of paper) in between. Use a hole punch to drill holes in the top of the "tails" (Fig. 5).
  5. The only thing left is to thread the hearts on a string and fix them with a knot. An elegant garland of colored paper is ready.

Stretchy garland of hearts

Simple and beautiful garlands, stretching like an accordion will become the highlight of the decor of romantic parties and children's parties. All you need is thick paper of different colors, scissors and glue.

  • First you need to cut out heart templates from cardboard - one larger, the second smaller. Each heart is made up of 2 halves of the same color.
  • Using templates, cut out the required number of spaces. Bend the halves of the hearts that are larger, as in Fig 3, which are smaller - bend in the middle.
  • Glue voluminous hearts as shown in Figure 4-6. Let the glue dry.
  • Now let's make our garland. Carefully connect the tips of the colored hearts with glue. When fully set, the accordion garland can be stretched and bent. It is easy to entertain the youngest guests of the vacation with such decorations.

Luxury flower garland

Ceiling pendants in the form of exotic inflorescences look very impressive. It is not at all difficult to make such garlands from paper with your own hands. We need:

  • paper (multi-colored thin for flowers and denser green for leaves);
  • stapler;
  • Perforator;
  • decorative thread.
  1. We fold a sheet of colored paper "accordion". We fasten the center of the accordion with a stapler.
  2. Give the edges a triangular shape (for flowers with pointed petals) or another.
  3. With the help of sharp scissors, we give the petals a concave shape.
  4. Cut out templates for the leaves and for the core of the flowers. Glue the kernels on both sides of each inflorescence, punch 2 holes in the leaves with a hole punch and thread them on a string.
  5. Alternating inflorescences with leaves, we form our garland. Instead of leaves, you can cut out patterns of butterflies, stars and suns from paper - it all depends on your imagination.

We sew garlands on ... a sewing machine!

When you need to make as many garlands as you can for a vacation and time is running out, just sew them on a sewing machine! The result is simple and effective decorations suitable for decorating windows and ceilings.

  1. Cut out more garland blanks using templates. Figures can be anything: stars, little men, circles, shamrocks, etc. Only thick paper is suitable for cutting, preferably so-called velor paper.
  2. Pull 20-30 cm of thread (for the ends of the garland) out of the eye of the sewing machine needle.
  3. In the sewing machine settings, set the widest stitch spacing (since paper is thinner than fabric, it is better not to overuse the number of holes.
  4. When you get to the edge of the first piece, don't cut the thread. Pull gently to reveal 7-10 cm of thread. Then put another piece under the needle and sew it. So you can make a garland of any length. Remember to leave 20-30 cm of free thread after the last sewing material.

Plain paper flags

Let's remember kindergarten lessons and make the simplest festive garland. To do this, just take a rectangular piece of colored paper and fold it in half. We cut out the double blank with the necessary templates.

Let's think of them as spaces that we use to make paper flags with birthday greetings. They can be made from colored paper, sheets of glossy magazines, old books, and just white writing paper. The main thing is, having given them the shape you want, make appliqu├ęs from letters or just draw them on the flag.

Garland with applications

We already have paper flags ready. Now you have to say "Birthday" or "Happy Birthday!" from letters. The photo shows the entire alphabet. You can create the templates you want by enlarging the image.

Using stencils, cut out the letters you need from multi-colored paper, decorate them with rhinestones, flowers, bows and glue them on paper flags. Then toss them over a tight string and make festive garlands. Remember to glue the insides of the workpiece so the flags don't fall off the thread.

Flag letters

No birthday should be forgotten! Even if you couldn't collect enough coins to buy a gift, don't despair. Your garland will be a pleasant surprise for mom.

Cut out the letters you want from thick paper. Take the letters from the photo above as templates or use the ones copied from the internet. For example like our "S", "D" and "N". Collect the phrase "Happy Birthday!" From them.

Draw a pretty braid by tying it to rivets on the wall, for example. Attach the letters to the braid in the order you want and collect the garland. This can be done with a stapler, safety pins, glue, and even regular clothespins. Paper flags in the form of letters look even more beautiful if you paint them with felt-tip pens and paste confetti over them.

Fan flags

Such complex flags were definitely not made within the walls of the kindergarten. Although they do not contain anything complicated, except for the fan itself. These are ordinary paper flags of triangular shape, decorated with small round fans on which letters are glued.

  1. Take a piece of colored paper with a width equal to the diameter of the future fan and fold the accordion. Fold it in half and glue the two halves on one side together. You get a semicircle. Fold the two semicircles and glue. Glue the corrugated circle for the garland onto the flag.
  2. Cut out a smaller circle or square and glue it onto the fan.
  3. Glue the cut-out letter on it. Punch two holes with a stapler. The check box is ready.
  4. Collect the garland and hang it on the wall.

A few more ideas

Garland of figures:

Such a stylish garland of cute wavy Christmas trees can be made for a New Year party.

Another simple paper decoration master class.

A surprisingly simple and original find - corrugated cardboard tassels hung on a string. It looks very elegant and festive.

This article will teach you how to create several different types of paper garlands yourself. Making a garland can be very fun and easy. Perhaps the simplest tool in the artisan's arsenal, paper is full of possibilities and goals. You can turn it into anything. I use it for my Christmas decorations, this year the round stitches are a priority. You can use them as a decoration for a party, event or simply. More details on this later in the article.

Make a garland

The first step is to prepare lots and lots of paper circles for work. I cut my circles with a scrapbooking punch (a hole punch in our opinion). For these purposes, however, you can find other fancy gadgets, and there are many of them on the internet. I chose several shades of pink to create a romantic look. I also added some gold medallions that create an interesting contrast and make the decoration fun.

First, I put all of my circles one at a time in the order I saw them and the goal was to get the ombre effect. Then she started sewing.

Sew your first circle in the middle, then take the next circle in front of the presser foot and sew right after the first. Keep moving until you have a chain of circles the length you want. I used a fine stitch on my sewing machine.

Make as many cords for the round garland as you need. To decorate mine, it took about 15 sheets of double-sided thick colored paper measuring 8 "by 12".I installed the finished product on regular double-sided tape, added a few strings of decorative lamps for a festive mood that were held on a nail, and placed the batteries right there - on top of the windowsill. also with double-sided tape.

  • double-sided thick paper in multiple colors;
  • metallic paper;
  • ponch with a diameter of 5 cm;
  • sewing machine
  • double-sided tape;
  • decorative light bulbs.

Once you have all of this hanging up, all that's left to do is enjoy as the paper itself is inherently festive. Put it near other holiday decorations like Christmas and you will get a festive flavor.

You will also need a garland for the occasional party. If you have children they will appreciate this approach and be grateful to you.

Lighting elements create a special atmosphere that is characteristic of the winter holidays. I really love everything that is shiny, glowing and shimmering, especially during the holidays.

Some people find the round version boring, or they may not have all of the tools on hand. That is why I have prepared a few more options for you to decorate with paper garlands. So let's get started.

Method 1


Fold each sheet into a triangle. First, fold the sheet in half. Then fold the triangle in half to make an even smaller triangle.

Consider making small cuts on the edges to add interest to your garland. Don't make cuts along the folded edges.

Staple the two triangles together in the middle with a stapler. Do the same for the rest of the triangles so you are holding six triangular shapes together.

Cut the two triangular shapes together at the corners. Take two triangles and overlap the points 1.27 cm. Sew the corners in place.

Tie the shapes together to hold them in place. If you don't want the staples to be visible, you can just staple the inner layers and leave the top layers bare.

To make a garland of individual triangles, connect the pieces along the edges.

When you're done, attach the garland to the wall using the buttons.

Method 2

And another round garland (they're so fun). This time, it's a method that doesn't require a sewing machine. The Scrapbooking Shaped Hole Punch works just like regular hole punches, except that it comes in different shapes and sizes. It can cut circles, hearts, squares, stars, and even snowflakes. You can buy a curly scrapbooking punch at any stationery or art store. You can also find it online.

If you don't have a punch you can use a regular compass. It will take a little longer, but I am sure your persistence will get past the routine.

Step by step instructions
  • Use colored paper. The Best Option For scrapbooking or cardboard there is a choice of specialty products. Craft paper or origami paper will also work, but the finished garland won't last long.
  • Try two to three different colors or shades. For example, try cyan, blue, and navy blue.
  • Using the method available, create circles of different colors.
  • When making a garland for a nursery, use patterned and bright colors. For example, half of your shapes can be light blue and the other half white and white with light green polka dots or stripes.
  • You can use one punch and get shapes of the same size.
  • Or go my way - I took two options round shape in different sizes. One is 5 cm tall and the other is 8.8 cm in diameter. This trick gave my garland some variety.
If you can't find the shot, draw circles with a compass!
  • Cut out your shapes. If your paper is thin enough, you can cut two or three sheets of paper at a time. However, cardboard must be punched or cut individually. If you try to hit too much at once, you will get fuzzy edges on the shapes and damage the blade.
  • Align the shapes in a straight line. If different sizes are used, try switching them. You can alternate them randomly or in a specific pattern.
  • Draw a glue line in the middle. Make sure that all forms are continuously scrolled.
  • Put a tape over the glue. Make sure that the braid has a 30-50 cm tail at the end. This is a great way to hang your garland.
  • Using glue with tape, place similar circles over the shape and make a sandwich of each shape with a string in the center. Now our garland becomes like the truth and acquires the features of a two-sided design.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining shapes. They can be distant from each other as well as close together. Make sure you have about 30-50 cm of loose rope at the end of the garland, otherwise you won't be able to hang it up later.

Let the glue dry before hanging the garland. Depending on how much glue you've used, this can take anywhere from two hours to a day.

Method 3

How to make a garland of flags

Step 1

Prepare paper for scrapbooking 20/30 cm. You can use any color or pattern you want. To make the check boxes more interesting, consider using multiple colors, shades, or patterns. For example:

  • If the garland is intended for a child's room, use pink-blue and white paper with pink / blue polka dots.
  • If the garland is for a sea-themed party, consider using light blue and blue color schemes.
step 2

Halve lengthways. If the paper is patterned or single-sided, make sure the pattern is outside the fold. The blank / white part must be inside.

step 3

Halve in the middle along the crease. You should have two copies of a folded sheet of the same size.

Step 4

Cut out a triangle from each sheet. To do this, fold the rectangle twice at right angles with the colored side up. Then cut the corner to make a diamond on top of the spread. In this case, the center of the triangle should fall at the angle of two folds:

Step 5

Measure the point where the flags will hang, in addition to the place for the garland, it should have a border of at least 30 cm at each end so that the ties can easily hang from the finished product where required.

Step 6

Open a triangle and cover it with glue on the edges and in the middle. You can also add glue in the center of the triangle.

Step 7

Lay the rope along the fold and close the triangle. Press the edge of your hand over the flag to smooth and seal it.

Step 8

Repeat the gluing process for the remaining triangles. You can place them as close as possible or at a distance from each other. However, remember to leave at least a few inches of space between the triangles so that the garland looks nice when it is hanging.

Step 9

Consider the option of leaving a message on your banner by putting a letter on top of each triangle. You can cut letters out of brightly colored and paste them on one side of each flag. You can also paint the letters with a stencil or acrylic paints.

Hello everyone, hello !! Today I want to start the article with the words of the famous song: "The holiday comes to us, the holiday comes to us ..." Of course, you already understood what kind of celebration it is ?! This is everyone's favorite and is expected New Years Eve, and in order for the atmosphere of wonder to surround us as soon as possible, we are now transforming our home !!

Of course, it's too early to plant the Christmas tree, but making the garland is just the thing. In addition, there is such a wide variety that I wanted to understand this topic myself. Plus, the whole atmosphere of the holiday is still not a bottle of champagne but winter decorations, do you agree with me ?! Then tinker and fantasize!

Perhaps the simplest and most accessible to everyone are garlands made of paper. Of course, you can design them completely differently: in the form of interconnected rings, snowmen, angels, Christmas trees, etc. In this case, depending on the interior, choose any color of craft: white, blue, red.

To do this beautiful design, take paper of the selected color and, with an accordion, fold it into several layers. Then draw the figure you want on it and carefully cut it out. Do not touch the folded sides of the sheet. Expand the figure and the garland is ready. Do not forget that you need to make several such blanks, and then simply connect them together.

Now I will show you the varieties of these handmade jewelry and then offer them ready-made plans, all you have to do is choose the design and print you want, and then it's a matter of technology.

  • Christmas trees and stars on strong threads or wire

  • Christmas trees made from paper napkins

Well, as the templates promised paper products for you:

We make a stretch "flags" out of fabric

Products made of fabric will be very bright and spectacular. Let's take a closer look at this technique and you don't have to sew anything !!

We need: multi-colored fabrics, scissors, a pen, a rope, an iron to straighten the hair, a measuring tape or a centimeter of double-sided tape.

Production method:

1. First, create cardboard flag templates. Then transfer them to the fabric.

2. Carefully cut out the required number of parts.

3. Take a thread of the desired length and stretch it evenly on the work surface. We put the flag exactly in the middle and divide it into two triangles with a thread. To hold the pieces of fabric in place, secure them with double-sided tape.

4. After collecting all the items (do everything as shown in the photo below), iron them with an iron.

As you can see, everything is very, very simple !! Here are a few more options for fabric garlands:

How to make a garland of fir branches with your own hands

It's great when you make a needle product because not only does it bring warmth and comfort to the house, it also has a really festive smell !!

Such handicrafts are easy. Just tie small branches to a base, rope, or wire, then add ribbons in bright paint or small toys, but don't overdo it. The main decoration is needles, not additional elements.

Effectively hang such a living garland around a door or over a fireplace, as well as on a banister.

"Christmas Stretching" garland

Stretching is another popular decoration. It's also very easy to do, but it looks very bright and positive !!

To create it, you will need the most ordinary kit for creativity: colored paper or, better, glossy, threads, scissors, glue.

Then make some shiny paper rectangles or triangles strung on a string and add the words "Happy New Year!" In addition.

And you can make such charming flowers.

You need to make white circles first and glue a pink or red flower with a hole in it. Decorate the top with drops of glue with glitter or pearls. Now thread them on a ribbon and decorate the room !! Everything is ready !!

Or do these bunnies like this:

Or you can make New Year's attributes out of cardboard:

Or the usual colorful lanterns:

Also watch a video demonstration of how to create a volumetric garland:

Craft from snowflakes for the new year 2020

Of course, I could not miss this subtopic, because how gracefully vacation streamers are received in the form of beauties of snowflakes!

But I won't go into detail about it because everything is simple here: choose an option for cut-out products (we already discussed how to make snowflakes) and thread them on ribbons, threads and decorations throughout the house.

Finished options for craft:

  • Volumetric snowflakes on the tree

  • Streamers on walls, chandeliers

  • Pre-made Christmas garland

Garlands to school and kindergarten for a competition made from scrap

Now let's talk about the joint work of parents and children, because I think that all children's institutions have already placed orders on the subject of room decoration. Do not stay aside, but create together with your daughters and sons, and my column will help you.

We will do this original route with you:

We need: cardboard, colored buttons and ribbons, colored threads, glue, scissors, clothespins.

Production method:

1. Cut the desired number of Christmas trees out of cardboard and decorate them with buttons and ribbons as you wish.

2. We make pompoms from green and red threads.

3. We tie Christmas trees with clothespins on a thread and tie pompoms on a thread. That's all!!

And here's what you can do with our kids:

Video plot of how to make a Christmas decoration out of plastic bottles

If you have unwanted bottles lying around then you're in luck, it turns out you can make useful things out of them, rather let's look and admire!

Here are some other garlands you can make plastic bottles out of ... beautiful things come out though !!

DIY workshop for making garlands on the window

I really love decorating windows, and this year my daughter is helping me too)) Basically, we decorate this part of the apartment with templates and stickers, and everything looks super festive, and most importantly, the mood not only rises among the residents of the Apartment, but also among passers-by ...

Here are some photos of ideas for this type of design:

And we'll try to come up with a super garland for the window, finished? Well then go!

We need: cotton wool, a strong thread or fishing line, a needle, PVA glue.

Production method:

  1. Pinch off small pieces of cotton wool and roll them into dense balls. Don't make the same sizes.
  2. We coat each ball with glue and let it dry.
  3. Now measure the fishing line of the required length and thread a knot from the second edge of the window to the middle or a little below and thread the second end of the fishing line into the eye of the needle. We tie a ball on the fishing line and distribute it at some distance from each other.
  4. You need to create many such threads. Do not forget to attach each of them to the window ledge or the top bar of the frame.

Here are a few more finished products:

  • Balls, deer and snowflakes;

  • Don't forget the bright garlands you bought, but they are just gorgeous!

While there are only a few days left to the main holiday across the country, manage to create a decent atmosphere at home! I hope it was helpful.

See you soon and happy new year!

New Year is a holiday with twinkling lights, bright colors, and weightless snowflakes circling in the frosty air. On December days, the whole world succumbs to the magic of the upcoming holidays and looks forward to the New Year's miracle. And if you did not manage to feel the solemn atmosphere, you can create it yourself! This will help everyone's favorite decoration - an elegant garland. The tradition is passed on from generation to generation through flickering rain or a row of lightbulbs. And a year has passed since 2017 In the sign of creativity, it is time to replenish the arsenal of Christmas decorations. We have selected five original garlands that are easy to make at home. So let's get started!

Garland "Blizzard made of cotton wool"

Garland of cotton balls and foam snowflakes

Snow-covered hills, trees silvered with hoar frost, snow-white flakes that sparkle in the air ... Such images come to my mind when the January vacation is mentioned. Unfortunately, the weather conditions at the end of December do not always correspond to our dreams. A fluffy cotton garland lets you feel the spirit of a snowy winter. For its construction will prove useful:

  • cotton wool and cotton pads
  • scissors
  • needle
  • thick white threads

Step-by-step instructions for making garlands

Divide the cotton wool into small pieces and form lumps of the same size. Cut out snowflakes, fir trees and stars from cotton wool pads. Hearts bring a touch of romance. Pull the thread horizontally to where you want to hang the garland.

"Snow" garland made of cotton swabs

Attach the pieces of thread vertically, keeping the same distance between them. The length of the threads can vary. String snowflakes, figurines, and cotton balls on top and secure them with glue or thread and a needle. Such a snow-white garland looks spectacular in a window opening or above a festive table.

Garland "Colorful Snowfall"

To make an elementary garland out of paper snowflakes

If you don't like the prospect of working with cotton wool, we offer a different version of the "snow" garland. This decoration can be made in literally 10 minutes and looks very cute and elegant - especially if you choose the color scheme cleverly. To arrange a colorful snowfall at home, the following props will be helpful:

  • 2-3 colors cardboard
  • stationery knife
  • scissors
  • needle with thread
  • ruler
  • pencil

Approximate scheme for making snowflakes

Print out the template and cut out the snowflakes (you can use them). You can combine parts of different shapes and sizes in one garland. Place the template on the cardboard, make a circle and cut out the snowflake. Repeat the action as many times as you want to get snowflakes. Use a cutter to improve its shape and drill a hole in one of the snowflake's rays. Thread the cardboard elements onto the cord until the garland is the desired length. As you can see, everything is very simple!

Garland "starry sky"

Sprockets can be stretched in vertical or horizontal garlands

Why not decorate your home or office with stars? After all, this celestial body has been a symbol of winter holidays, luck and happiness for many years. Simple handicraft In the origami technique, no special knowledge of this oriental art is required - even a child can make decoration. True, one has to be patient to fold the stars. So you need:

  • double-sided paper (colored or with New Year's pattern)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • pearls
  • thread or thin tape

Step-by-step instructions for making paper stars

Cut the sheet into strips at a ratio of 26 cm x 1 cm and fold it according to the instructions. First, tie the ribbon in a knot by making a loop and threading the short end of the paper through it. Make sure the knot is not too tight but not too loose. Bend back the tail of the strip. Turn the sprocket over and wrap the tape around the vehicle. The strip itself should be in the right direction, not bend or squeeze.

If there is a short ponytail left, fold it over and hide it between the paper tissue. Use your fingernail or the blunt side of the scissors to make small indentations in the center of each side of the sprocket. This is how the vehicle takes shape and volume. Thread the finished stars or glue them on the thread. Crafts can be arranged in both vertical and horizontal rows, and small beads perfectly fill the space between them.

Garland "spruce forest"

Invite children to take part in the making of paper trees!

Forest beauty is the most important attribute of new year holidays, so we can't do without a Christmas tree theme in home decorations. We propose to build a bright garland of paper Christmas trees that will put colleagues or household members in a New Year's mood in no time. You will need the following materials:

  • packaging or waste paper with New Year's print
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • thick thread or thin braid

Scheme for cutting Christmas trees from paper

Draw triangles on the back of the paper. The figures can be either one or several sizes - it depends on your desire. Draw serif lines on the triangles, keeping the same distance between them. Cut the shapes out of paper, fold them in half and cut along the serif lines. Expand. Make holes at the top of the trees and pull the thread or braid through them. That's all the work!

Garland "balloons"

Colored garland in the form of paper balloons

When planning the New Year, decorate your home with a bright garland that will remind you of the spirit of wandering. After all, psychologists have long proven that visualized (that is, embodied in pictures or objects) dreams come true much more often! To make a colorful piece of jewelry you will need:

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hot glue
  • rope or plastic cord

Print or transfer part templates to paper. Their size can be changed at their own discretion and depending on the free space in the room. Cut circles out of paper. Remember that for each ball you will need three pieces of different colors and one white for the base. Fold the colored circles in half, grease one side with glue and attach them to the base.

Glue the third circle along the fold line. Cut the baskets out of white paper. Cut the rope or string into pieces 2-3 centimeters long and connect them to the balls with hot glue. Make small holes in the top of the balls and pull the thread through. Now all you have to do is choose a prominent place and hang a garland there.

There are innumerable types of homemade garlands. So if you have inspiration and free time, you can always create something unusual and fun. And if you like creative solutions, use materials at hand: favorite photos, small cuddly toys, multi-colored mittens, gingerbread cookies and sweets.

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