Which films flopped in 2019

Wall of Shame: Our Flop 10 Worst Movies of 2019

It will take a while before the Golden Raspberry, the dreaded Anti-Oscar, is awarded for the 40th time, but we at the KINO & CO editorial team have been diligently pulling out the films that we would most like to delete from our memories. The result is our disordered flop 10 of the worst films of 2019 or - to put it in Hollywood language - KINO & CO's Wall of Shame!

Hard powder

Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) is a snow plow driver in Hehoe, a small, snow-covered town in the USA, where he leads a peaceful life with his wife and son - until he messes with drug lord Viking (Tom Bateman) and is killed on his orders . Robbed of his once idyllic family life, Nels seeks revenge. One drug gang after the other falls victim to him, even though he only gets his knowledge of murder and manslaughter from his crime novels ...

Liam Neeson is once again on a single campaign of revenge. That's how we know and love him, but something is wrong here. He manages to kill rows of henchmen of a drug lord without actually falling into the sights of the police. A pretty strong performance for a temporary killer ... Liam Neeson as a "bloody" beginner sounds tempting, but we would have liked more clumsy mistakes on the part of the character.

Another problem is this mix of serious story, heated fight scenes and dry jokes. "Hard Powder" is supposed to be half comedy and half thriller, like its Norwegian original "One after the other". If it succeeds, then it is a truly explosive mixture, but unfortunately the shot for "Hard Powder" backfired and catapulted it directly onto our flop 10 as one of the worst films of 2019. With "Hard Powder" one should perhaps have chosen one of the two genres. Unfortunately, “Hard Powder” didn't cause a lot of hearty laughs for us, the jokes were just too blunt for that. And we look in vain for the tension that we know from good thrillers. As well as? It is buried directly under a thick blanket of snow due to the rapid alternation of joke and serious story.

Gemini Man

Another film that we consider to be one of the worst films of 2019 is "Gemini Man". Here Will Smith plays the hit man Henry Brogan, who is supposed to kill political opponents and other villains for the US government. When Henry Brogan then decides to retire, his supervisor Clay Verris (Clive Owen) does not give him a gift basket, but instigates a hit man himself on his neck. And this killer is none other than his clone, 25 years his junior!

His clone? Exactly, that's why the film is also called "Gemini Man". In any case, from this point on, the plot becomes more and more brain-cracked. So DNA was secretly taken from Henry Brogan and they wanted to set up an army made up of many Henry Brogan's, which was then, for whatever reason, put on hold. This army of Henry Brogans should be free of all emotional baggage. There is only one crucial mistake: The first prototype grew up at Clay Verris' and is therefore not free from emotions.

Even in the run-up there was such enormous hype about "Gemini Man" and the new technology that was used for the film that the final result was rather disappointing. Director Ang Lee also has "Gemini Man" in 3D and with a Higher frame rate (HFR), i.e. 120 frames per second Unfortunately, the effort was completely in vain, at least for German cinema-goers, because in German cinemas the audience had to be content with the simple version of "only" 60 frames per second Why? Because there aren't that many cinemas yet that can play such a high frame rate. And then there is this de-aging technique that "Gemini Man" supposedly waited 22 years for. You read that correctly! 22 years ! And it didn't work really well in the film either.

Hellboy - Call of Darkness

For "Hellboy - Call of Darkness" our red hell boy has come back to the screen. But he could have saved himself this appearance, because in our opinion this film also deserves a place among the worst films of 2019. In the new part, Hellboy, played by David Harbor, moves from country to country to transport one monster after the other to the afterlife. But then Hellboy has to face his strongest opponent so far, the mighty witch and "blood queen" Nimue (Milla Jovovich).

In “Hellboy - Call of Darkness” everything is new: the director, the actors and the plot. Unfortunately, the new edition of Hellboy has proven that new does not necessarily mean an improvement.

Instead of Guillermo del Toro, Neil Marshall was hired to direct Hellboy - Call of Darkness. Unlike his predecessor, Marshall worked closely with Mike Mignola, the inventor of the Hellboy comics, which should inspire every comic fan above all. Marshall and Mignola exaggerate the parallels to the comic, which makes "Hellboy - Call of Darkness" seem totally overloaded. The CGI effects in "Hellboy - Call of Darkness" are another disaster. So the (cheap) action scenes with all the splatter and gore spread the flair of the 90s, which may have been purely intentional. However, we believe that the producers ran out of money, after all, these days $ 50 million is not enough to produce a good film with breathtaking technology.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

First Wolverine got its own origin story with the film “Logan” and now the franchise delivered another origin story with “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” in which the mutant Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) is in the focus. In order to save her friends, Jean absorbs a cosmic force during a mission in space, which has a negative effect on the young mutant.

The film should actually be the final showdown for the "X-Men" franchise, instead "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" joins the worst films of 2019. The film has far too little depth, which on the one hand is due to the boring story and on the other hand the actors.

Let's start with Jean Gray, a young mutant in which two souls fight for first place. Jean is actually a character with a lot of potential, which unfortunately has to rot in secret, because in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" you don't seem to go into this inner struggle in detail. In addition, you count Sophie Turner's range of facial expressions on one hand She has proven with her role as Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones" that she belongs in front of the camera, but the role of Jean Gray was maybe just a size too big for her.

Jennifer Lawrence noticed in her performance that she no longer wanted to be part of the franchise. Even the appearance of Jessica Chastain, who mimes the leader of the alien race, cannot give the film any depth, which in turn could be due to the fact that the story with the aliens was only included so that the fight between enemy mutants was not all over again chewing through the smallest detail. Thank you very much for that, but it still didn't help.

In fact, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” was even taken out of the cinema program early. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” goes down as by far the worst film in the history of the “X-Men”.

We only say one thing: A film with an X, that was probably niX!

Hunter killer

The title hero of "Hunter Killer" is the highly intelligent and at the same time very difficult Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler), who has to locate the nuclear submarine USS Tampa Bay in the Arctic Ocean, and gets in the sights of the Russian General Durov. Durov has taken the Russian President hostage and is planning a military coup on a global scale, which Russia and Russia must prevent.

Unfortunately, “Hunter Killer” didn't really convince us either and thus got a spot in our flop 10 of the worst films of 2019. The action scenes in “Hunter Killer” in particular were extremely disappointing. If you consider that the director Donovan MarshDonovan Marsh had a detailed replica of a submarine created, it is more than annoying that the underwater explosions are "cheaply" produced CGI effects and can also be directly recognized as such.

And then there is the role of Captain Joe Glass. What role did Gerard Butler choose? In no single situation can one develop sympathy for the commander. This is of course not absolutely necessary, but why exactly, apart from perhaps because of his competence as a submarine commander, Joe Glass (yes, we're talking about the character, not Gerard Butler, although there are certainly a few things that could be said) is the one Leading role in "Hunter Killer"?

Rambo: Last Blood

As much as it hurts our hearts, we unfortunately also have to reserve a place for “Rambo: Last Blood” in the flop 10 of the worst films of 2019. One thing we want and have to make clear in advance is that Rambo is and will remain a cult! But precisely because Rambo already has cult status, we don't need a new film to honor him and especially Sylvester Stallone.

The story of the retired warrior is repeated for the fifth time with “Rambo: Last Blood”. He no longer wants to have anything to do with murder and manslaughter, but is repeatedly torn from his “retirement”. Sometimes it is a group of missionaries who have to be saved, sometimes its former commander who has been captured. In the new "Rambo: Last Blood" it is his niece who falls victim to a human trafficking ring. Rambo goes out on his own again and kills everyone involved in this matter.

Of course there are again a lot of losses on the opposing side and a lot of blood is splashing and flowing again. For one or the other, that's probably TOO much blood. Because: “Rambo: Last Blood” is a lot more brutal than its predecessor. Warning, spoilers! We particularly remember one of the last scenes in which Rambo, covered in blood, holds a still beating heart in his hand. That was a real shock! Rambo has gone from a dull fighting machine to a (splatter) beast gone wild.

Is that because of the "Schnulz" that the viewer of "Rambo: Last Blood" has to fight their way through before the tough action begins? In the first half the relationship with his niece is chewed through to the immeasurable, what are we saying there, to the unbearable. The first part is more like a telenovela than the typical Rambo film. We might almost think Rambo is getting sentimental in his old age.

This is definitely not a worthy exit for Rambo. The whole story with the campaign of revenge to save the daughter, niece or the neighbor should be reserved for the absolute masters Liam Neeson (except in "Hard Powder") and Denzel Washington, who make their campaign of revenge very brutal, but instead at least more perfidious!


With the many real-life films that Disney is currently pounding out of the ground, there must be a film that is not quite as convincing. For us, unfortunately, “Dumbo” is one of the worst films of 2019.

"Dumbo" tells the story of the little elephant, which with its huge floppy ears is considered a variety, but achieved great fame when you realize that it can fly. The original is a heartbreaking film in which the scene in which Dumbo is separated from his mother in particular brings tears to the eyes of the viewer. You hardly notice these emotions in the real-life version made by Tim Burton, even if he brings in certain scenes from the original.

But that's no wonder, because the story of "Dumbo", whose animation is actually very successful, disappears right in the background with the bombastic cast around Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. The focus is on the human protagonists trying to get on with their lives. Dumbo is shown often, but to us it seems more as if the film “Dumbo” wanted to show that it is actually a live version of the original.

Robin Hood

The title character of "Robin Hood", the young, noble Robin von Loxley (Taron Egerton), has to go to war for the crown. He is far from home for four years. When he returns everything has changed: his lands have fallen victim to looters, his lover Marian (Eve Hewson) is already in the firm hands of someone else, and the gap between rich and poor is enormous. Without further ado, Robin, with the help of John (Jamie Foxx), whom he met during the war, decides to steal from the rich and divide the booty among the poor. Masked and armed with a bow and arrow, Loxley now circles around as Robin Hood or, as he likes to call himself, "The Hood".

In our opinion, the remake of “Robin Hood” is one of the worst films of 2019 without any ifs and buts. The nickname “The Hood” says it all, doesn't it? In “Robin Hood”, director Otto Bathurst translated and filmed the avenger of the poor, which has now existed on screen and television for over 100 years, for Generation Z, which is largely reflected in the senseless dialogues. Bathurst turns Robin Hood into a kind of medieval superhero, who plays the generous nobleman by day and hops through the streets at night to steal from other nobles. In fact, this double life reminds us a little of Spider-Man, Superman or even Zorro. But you have to admit that much to Bathurst, the superhero idea is new and has potential, which, unfortunately, he just does not fully exploit.

Apart from the modernized version of the protagonist, the action scenes that simply do not fit into this period are particularly striking. The film is set in the Middle Ages (we would now bluntly claim), warriors fight either with swords, axes or with bows and arrows, whereby the arrows can be converted into incendiary arrows when the going gets tough.

So WHY is there an explosion at every opportunity?

Angel Has Fallen

All catastrophic things come in threes, or how was it the same? It definitely applies to “Angel Has Fallen”, which is why this Gerard Butler actioner is one of the worst films of 2019.

"Angel Has Fallen" is the third film about the bodyguard Mike Banning, who is always there in time to pull the president's head out of the noose. In “Angel Has Fallen” it is Mike Banning himself or his reputation that needs to be saved. He is accused of having carried out an attack on the president. It can happen that quickly, you save the authorities' bum twice, and as a thank you you are accused for the next attack - and everyone believes it directly.

Of course, there is a bit of a lack of logic in “Angel Has Fallen”, but a real action film doesn't need any logical connections either. In fact, the previous two films were extremely popular. Dull blasts, sometimes bad CGI effects and a light (but pointless) story are just perfect to get sprinkled with. A story like the one in "Angel Has Fallen" is typical of the genre, but it is getting boring. This is also noticeable in the cast. Except for Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, none of the original cast is there.

Unfortunately, the trilogy doesn't seem to be the end of the flagpole, "Angel Has Fallen" was just the beginning of the infamous "Mike Banning" franchise ...

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Men in Black: International

There are now three quite successful parts of "Men in Black" that have brought in over 1.5 billion US dollars. You'd be pretty stupid if you couldn't get one more movie out of the franchise. In June 2019, “Men in Black: International” was finally released, but unfortunately without the cult characters Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. They didn't feel like it anymore, which in retrospect might not have been so wrong. Because: "Men in Black: International" is bad, so bad that the film is one of the worst of 2019. Instead, attempts have been made to replace the two with several top-class actors: Emma Thompson, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth are doing the honors this time.

In "Men in Black: International" Agent M (Tessa Thompson) has to master her first big case in London. At her side is the handsome Agent H (Chris Hemsworth). Together they have to hunt down the mole that has sneaked into the MIB headquarters.

The first thing you notice is that Chris Hemsworth's role is reduced to the minimum: his role as Thor and his appearance. Ok ok He can be seen, but he still has a lot more to offer. In “Men in Black: International” at least its potential is not exhausted. Instead, he EMBODIES a mixture of stupid and at the same time pseudo-cool heartthrob. Add to that these stupid allusions to his role as Thor. One or two times you can bring a gag like that, but then it's worn out.

In addition, the interaction between Agent M and Agent H, despite certain attempts at flirting on the part of Agent H, doesn't really seem to harmonize. The few harmonious moments that exist between the two characters seem artificial - but we don't mean to say that this was due to the two actors. If the script doesn't have the potential, even the best actor can't shake it.

For us, “Men in Black: International” wasn't very exhilarating. Maybe the film is more aimed at the new generation and we MIB veterans should stick with the first three parts.

So that was it, our flop 10 of the worst films of 2019. In spring we will find out whether we were right with our proposals and whether one or even more of these films will be nominated for the Golden Raspberry.

Would you agree with us on flop 10? Are there any other very bad films in your opinion? Then hop over to our social media channels and discuss with us!