Police officers have business cards

Ministerialblatt (MBl. NRW.)
Edition 2000 No. 73 from 11/29/2000 page 1527 to 1556



Police ID cards and business cards

RdErl. D. Ministry of the Interior v. 10/23/2000 -
IV A 1-1584

Equipped with police ID cards

Police officers receive police ID cards in credit card format Attachment 1.

Police ID cards are issued using

Blank cards with the guilloche typical for the police in a specified shade of green issued by the Central Police Technical Services. When it comes to personalization

the picture and the original national coat of arms are printed in color.

A file is kept of the issued police ID cards. Content, creation and access rights are to be regulated in a service instruction. The file gives the ID number, which is made up of the code of the year of issue (01 for 2001) and a five-digit number - starting with 00001.

The receipt of the police service card must be confirmed. The confirmation of receipt is to be included in the personnel file.

(Annex 2)

The employment authority or facility must be reported immediately in writing if a police ID card is lost. This has if their inquiries for the police service card are unsuccessful

have remained to arrange for its declaration of invalidity in the official gazette for the administrative district. Police ID cards that have been declared invalid because they have been lost must be written out for search purposes in the INPOL system. The owner receives a new police ID card with a close-up photo and a new ID number. The receipt must be confirmed in accordance with number 1.4.

Police ID cards must be withdrawn after 10 years at the latest and replaced with new ones with a photo that is close to the present. A damaged or unsightly police ID card must also be exchanged for one with a photo that is close to the present. Drafted

as well as police ID cards found again after loss or declaration of invalidity are to be rendered unusable and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. An official devaluation of police ID cards counts as confiscation.

Upon termination of the employment relationship, the police service card must be withdrawn (see number 1.6 sentence 3).

The filing authority must be informed, stating the name and first name of the ID card holder and the ID number, if a

Police ID card according to number 1.5 is invalid

has been declared or withdrawn in accordance with number 1.6 or number 1.7.

The police service card is to be withdrawn by the employment authority or facility and kept for the duration

Other service or house IDs

Heads of police authorities and

- Institutions as well as their representatives, if they are not part of the police enforcement service, are to be issued with an ID card according to Annex 1 without the imprint POLICE. Such an ID card can be issued to employees of the police authorities and institutions who are not part of the law enforcement service if this is necessary for the fulfillment of official interests.

The provision of employees with general service or house ID cards remains unaffected.

Carrying and showing the police ID card

The police ID card must be carried with you at all times when you are on duty, even on business trips outside the Federal Republic of Germany, unless otherwise instructed.

Police officers have to show the police ID card on request when performing official acts; when working in civil clothing, they have to do this without being asked. If police officers are deployed under joint leadership, only the person responsible for the leadership is required to present them.

Police officers who have a criminal service badge must first show the criminal investigation badge.

The police service card does not need to be shown if the purpose of the official act is impaired or if the police officer is endangered by showing it.

Business Cards

A good understanding between the population and the police is promoted by the fact that the police officer makes himself known by handing over a business card while performing the duty. This form of introduction is intended to ensure that the measures taken by the police are met with greater understanding. At the same time, it is intended to make the police officers' work easier. For example, when recording traffic accidents, providing assistance and other occasions, the handing over of a

Business card will be useful. Those involved will be happy to be able to use the business card they have been given to contact the police officer in question in person or by telephone at the office.

The business card should contain first and last name (in capital letters), rank, full address of the department as well as phone and fax number.

Business cards are used by the police and

-equipment procured. The police officers providing field service are primarily to be equipped with this.

The RdErl. V. 2.11.1964, 21.10.1980 and 23.3.1983 (SMBl. NRW. 20500) I cancel with the proviso that the RdErl has been issued.

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MBl. NRW. 2000 p. 1528