What are the different breeds of donkeys

Donkey breeds

American Mammoth Jack

The American Mammoth Jack goes back to a Catalan donkey stallion from Spain, named Mammoth. Donkeys of this breed can reach a back height - also called stick measure - of up to 150 centimeters. The Mammoth Jack is the only breed of donkey in America.

Catalan big or giant donkey

With a height of up to 160 centimeters, the Catalan donkey is considered to be the largest donkey. He is spirited and persistent. Its strong limbs and neck are striking, its lower abdomen is light, otherwise it is shiny black. It is considered one of the noblest breeds and was used to breed mules, but also to breed the American Mammoth Jack.

Andalusian big donkey

The Andalusian big donkey is similar to the Catalan, but varies from pure white to apple mold, as it comes from the white Egyptian pharaoh donkeys. The Andalusian big donkey is particularly threatened with extinction. Only a few hundred animals are said to exist.

Martina Franca donkey

The Martina Franca donkey is a southern Italian donkey breed with a stick size of up to 150 centimeters, dark brown to black fur color and a rather small head. Donkeys of this breed are still often slaughtered for meat production today.

Grand Noir du Berry

The Grand Noir du Berry is a red-brown to dark-brown or black, very popular donkey. It comes from a bred donkey from central France. There it was used as a workhorse for agriculture and viticulture or for towing ships on the canals.

The Grand Noir du Berry would have almost died out had it not been for a French organization campaigning for the preservation of the old breed. Today the donkey is mainly kept by lovers.

Poitou donkey

Poitou donkeys have a typical reddish-brown coat color, the coat is also very long and shaggy. This felt should never be combed, as it serves as a natural protection against skin diseases and parasite infestation.

The Poitou donkey was used to raise mules in France for centuries. With his big, open ears he looks very adorable, so that many people today want to have such a donkey. Weighing in at over 400 kilograms, the Poitou donkey is considered the heaviest donkey in the world.

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