Why isn't Google search the best

Analysis by Stiftung Warentest : Google is not the best search engine

Google delivers the best search results - and the ease of use is right. The Stiftung Warentest, which has put ten search engines under the microscope (“test” issue 4/19), leaves no doubt about that.

However, the testers found very clear deficiencies in the data protection declaration, which is why the Google search only came in second place overall and the grade satisfactory (2.7). Google is closely followed by the search engine Ecosia.org (2.8) and the search service from Web.de (2.9).

The Startpage search engine, on the other hand, scores well in terms of privacy and also delivers good search results. This service is the only provider to get the grade Good (2.3). In contrast to Google, the search company from the Netherlands also offers apps with uncritical data transmission behavior and has no defects in the data protection declaration.

As with Google, Startpage users can freely combine search language and country if they click on "Advanced" above the search hits. In addition, you basically get Google hits on Startpage because the Dutch primarily use the search technology of the US group - but anonymously and without snooping.

For their comparison, the testers each started 50 queries including typing errors, vague descriptions and ambiguities with all ten search engines. The relevance of the first six hits was assessed. (dpa)

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