Military special forces conduct CrossFit

Crossfit - what is it?


Crossfit combines several types of fitness and is one of the hardest workouts for the body. Crossfit originated in the USA in the 80s, this sport no longer only trains individual muscle groups, but strengthens endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and coordination. When Crossfit was used as a training method for the military and police from 1995, the new fitness trend also came to Germany.

The workout

Crossfit is usually trained in small groups under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Instead of using equipment, the exercises are performed with your own body weight or free weights such as medicine balls, barbells and kettlebells. The beginning of a CrossFit training session is always a warm-up.

This is followed by strength exercises and skill training. The conclusion is the high-intensity training, whereby the focus of each unit is the Workout of the Day (WOD). The workout of the day consists of various exercises that are completed in several rounds. As many repetitions as possible are carried out in the given time. Many of these WOD are standardized and have women's first names, for example, consist of five pull-ups, ten push-ups and 15 squats. This combination will be done as often as possible within 20 minutes. For extremely trained athletes, there is still an increase in Crossfit, the so-called hero workout. These training units are much more strenuous and demanding, here the participants have to run, do 200 pushups, 100 pull-ups and 300 squats in a certain time.

Various crossfit programs

CrossFit offers programs for different age groups, including children, seniors, pregnant women, candidates for special military units, endurance athletes and soccer players. The exercises are adapted to the performance of the participants, so the Crossfit training can also be carried out by beginners or newbies. An increase in performance is aimed at for each participant during training because each training unit increases their own fitness and mobility. Competitions are also held for experienced Crossfit participants, here athletes can compete against each other and fight for victory. That is why Crossfit is suitable for many participants who want to be active and have fun with other athletes. An experienced trainer ensures that the right exercises are offered for each participant.

Suitable clothing for Crossfit

Short tops, materials that regulate moisture, these clothes are worn during Crossfit. The sweaty workouts require individual functionality of clothing. Tops with mesh inserts specifically ventilate the body, welded side seams ensure comfort and durability of the clothing. Maximum freedom of movement is a prerequisite for optimally performing the workouts. Training pants should be made of lightweight functional material to ensure that they are dry and comfortable to wear. Some pants have a practical reversing option, this allows a varied look during training. In the cooler months of the year, long sleeves are suitable for a shirt and the pants should have a comfortable fit. Here, the material reliably transports moisture away from the body when you sweat. Planet-sports supplies the right clothing that is required for special sports such as crossfit. The right footwear is chosen depending on the training session, since different shoes are required for running than for push-ups or pull-ups, for example. Every participant in the Crossfit should choose the shoes that are best for him personally and thus support his workout.

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