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Back to the 80s with pinstripes

Sticking to the tried and tested is really no art. A solid color suit is practically a no-brainer and you can’t go wrong with it. As long as everything fits perfectly, you are ready-to-go. But where's the fun in that? Whether you wear a suit every day for business and formal occasions, or just the occasional special occasion, why not something with a little more character? A pinstripe suit is a very stylish optionto stand out from the crowd without looking too intentional.


The pinstripes are back

The pinstripe fabric pattern has very thin lines, that run vertically along an item of clothing. This pattern dates back to the 19th century when employees of London banks wore pinstripe trousers as work clothes. Eventually the look then migrated across the water to the USA and became one there Pattern of fabric used for trousers as well as suits and vests. Since then, pinstripe suits have enjoyed a very full life and were loved to be worn by celebrities like Winston Churchill and notorious gangsters until they reappeared as the uniform of choice among Wall Street bankers of the 80s.





Dare yourself and show pinstripes

Over the years, the pinstripe has been reinterpreted in countless ways and has also been used for many other items of clothing as suits. Regardless of the exact style, color, and weave, this pattern always evokes a sense of refinement, influence, and boast - definitely a style to have in your own closet. And if you are more conservative, you are Pinstripes are a great way to step out of your comfort zone. This pattern is more subtle than others, but still makes a fashion statement.

Although pinstripes are always the same distance apart, the distance between the stripes can vary. Pinstripes that are close together appear more reserved than those that are further apart. It really only depends on personal preference. In terms of colors will be Pinstripes usually worn in white against a dark black, navy or dark gray fabric, what is perfect for the professional field - professional with a touch of personal style. If you want to keep the classic look, you can your pinstripe suit Wear with a tie in black, navy or gray.






Wear pinstripe suits for work and play

The pinstripe suit for work can also be worn outside the office for evening events and special occasions. And if you want to give the outfit a little more flair, you can wear it with a tie and a matching pocket square in a striking color such as forest green, burgundy or plum - or even better, try a subtle polka dot print or even horizontal stripes on the tie and that Pocket square to create a stylish contrast to the pinstripe pattern. Another easy way for a spiced up look would be a double-breasted pinstripe suit instead of the usual single row. For a more casual atmosphere, you can wear the pinstripe suit without a tiewhile the top buttons of the shirt are open. This look also works very well with a pinstripe vest that has just the right amount of casualness.

If you want to go all out with a pinstripe suit, you should opt for a three-piece suit with a vest and pants. Wear with a tie in a matching shade and consider a tie clip for the icing on the cake. However, you shouldn't overdo it with the accessories. It is better to do without a fedora, suspenders, pocket watch chain or the like in order to look elegant and chic and not as if you came from a gangster film.






How to wear a dark pinstripe suit

Although dark tones like black, navy and anthracite are the perfect background for light pinstripes, the fabric color of the suit does not have to be limited to that alone. For a little stricter daytime outfit you can do very well combine a light gray pinstripe suit with a similarly light tie. In addition, you don't have to feel compelled to wear pinstripes from head to toe - with a plain-colored shirt and simple trousers, you can wear just one Pinstripe jacket for a relaxed look.






Wear your pinstripe suit modern

If you like to take risks and want to make a fashion statement, you can take inspiration from Harry Styles and actor Dan Stevens, both of whom like to wear dark suits with light and even multi-colored pinstripes. With a bold choice for a suit and pants, you can also leave out the tie entirely and just wear a plain, plain shirt instead.




Pinstripes are not only intended for professional life and special occasions, but can also be worn for more casual events. Try bright pinstripe pants with a shirt or sweater with matching slippers or even sneakers for a classic style.

You can’t go wrong with pinstripes. Based on its long history, its tailor-made and urban image is firmly anchored and is perfect for today's versatile men.





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