How will traffic lights turn green

Small traffic light - light signals

Traffic lights - red, yellow, green

  • Red means "stop": all road users must stop. Pedestrians are no longer allowed to enter the carriageway.
  • Yellow (not flashing) is a sign for "Halt" for vehicles approaching the intersection. Road users who are already at the intersection must leave it quickly.
  • Flashing yellow means "attention".
  • Green: The green light applies to vehicle traffic as a sign of "free travel". For pedestrians, the green light on the traffic light means "Entering and crossing the lane is permitted".
  • Flashing green: At the end of the green phase, four green flashes indicate the end of the green phase. Driving or entering the intersection is still permitted.

Pedestrian lights

Pedestrian lights are only red and green. The lane may be entered and crossed when it is green or blinking green.

  • If the traffic light is green, pedestrians can cross the lane using the zebra crossing.
  • If the road is divided by a protective island, the second section may only be crossed when it is green.
  • If the pedestrian light turns red, you have to move on quickly and not turn back.
  • For roads with a protective island: Continue to the protective island and wait for the next green phase. Sufficient time is planned between the traffic light phases to enable road users to cross safely.

Pedestrian lights can also be equipped with a yellow hazard warning light. This specifically draws drivers' attention to pedestrians.

Traffic lights for cyclists

  • There are separate signals for cyclists on cycle paths. These are mounted at a height that is clearly visible to cyclists.
  • There are also signals for cyclists in combination with pedestrian traffic lights.

Lane signaling

With this form of the light signal, the use of individual lanes can be permitted or prohibited.

  • Red Cross means "lane closed".
  • Yellow arrow means "change lanes".
  • Green Arrow means "lane may be used".

Areas of application

  • On motorways, for example in the event of a traffic jam, accident or maintenance work: the system can be out of order if the flow of traffic is undisturbed.
  • In the tunnel area, the signals also serve as a hazard warning. When an emergency call is activated, they are switched to flashing yellow in sections.
  • For public transport: During peak traffic periods, tracks can be kept free for public transport in conjunction with peak stopping bans. Outside of these times, the systems are out of operation.

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