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Check your wallet: these coins are worth up to nine million euros

Some collect postage stamps, others collect minerals and others are always on the lookout for rare coins: there are people who are passionate about almost every object. But while some just dismiss it as a curious hobby, collectors themselves usually know that their collecting mania will one day also pay off. After all, they sometimes include small treasures that can even be worth many times their (purchase) price. Are you curious? Then we will show you the ten most expensive coins in the world here in the ranking.

10th place: 1804 Bust Dollar Class I for 2,795,000 euros

This is a American coin from 1804. Actually. In fact, the coin was not minted until 30 years later. The "King of the US Coins"was, as the name suggests, reserved for noble visitors such as the King of Siam, the Sultan of Muscat or the Emperors of Japan and Cochinchina. This was given to them as a gift. Currently there are only 15 copies left which is why they belong to the rarest and most expensive in the world counts.

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9th place: 5 cents 1913 Liberty Head Nickel (Hawaii Five-O version) for 3,175,000 euros

Nickel has also made it into the top 10 of the most sought-after and valuable coins: Compared to its actual face value, this coin is so special because it played the "leading role" in one episode of the successful television series "Hawaii Five-O" from the 1970s. The 5-cent coin is said to have been produced in an extremely limited edition (only five pieces in total). In 2005, a copy fetched over four million US dollars at auction.

8th place: 1 Dollar 1804 Bust Dollar Class I (Mickley-Hawn-Queller version) for 3,294,000 euros

This coin is also one of the most valuable US coins that exist. The special thing about it: According to the online auction platform Catawiki, there is a on the back of the copy small D embossed in a cloud. This is said to have belonged to a wealthy coin collector named James V. Dexter, who owned the coin in the 19th century.

7th place: Canada 1 Million Dollar 2007 Gold Maple Leaf for 3,415,000 euros

Yes, you heard that right: this is actually the case very first million dollar coin worldwideever made. Responsible for this is the Royal Canadian Mint, which coined it in 2007. The coin initially had a "practical" use - so it should advertise the line of "Gold Maple Leaf" bars with a fineness of 99.999%. Only five pieces are said to have been produced. As it became known, a copy was sold in a public auction in Vienna for four million dollars.

6th place: 1 Dollar 1804 Bust Dollar Class I (Watters-Childs version) for 3,517,000 euros

The 1804 silver dollar made it into the ranking several times: No wonder, after all strictly limited special editionsthat are highly sought after by collectors. According to Catawiki, this version is probably the most beautiful example of the silver dollar. she should Bought by the Sultan of Muscat in 1835t have been. It was even named the most expensive coin in the world in 1999. For good reason: It was supposed to be auctioned off in 2016. But that The highest bid, almost a billion euros, did not even begin to reach the minimum price at the time.

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5th place: Brasher Doubloon 1787 EB on Wing (Newlin-Davis version) for 3,893,000 euros

Probably most historic US coin was made when the United States didn't exist. At that time, private entrepreneurs were still minting their own coins for the colonies. Brasher was one of them - he created this one New York Brasher doubloon in 1787. The special thing about it: The businessman used the Lima doubloons or earlier Spanish coins from this time as a guide.

4th place: 1 dollar 1794 Flowing Hair (Lord Oswald-Hayes-Pogue execution) for 4,241,000 euros

This coin is one of the Veterans of the U.S. Federal Mint, it is considered to be one of the first coins that the minting authority ever minted. It pays off - it is said to have been auctioned in New York in 2014 for around 4.2 million euros.

3rd place: Umayyad Gold Dinar 723 AD for 5,120,000 euros

However, a coin that did not come from the USA or Europe made it onto the winners' podium: Instead, it is an ancient one Dinar made of gold, which was made around 723 AD in a mine of the then caliph in Ummayyad, today's Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is considered the first of its kind.

2nd place: $ 20 1933 Double Eagle (Farouk version) for 6,446,000 euros

In 1933 the then US President Roosevelt is said to have ordered that all gold coins be withdrawn and melted down. Too bad that almost 500,000 $ 20 gold coins had been minted at this point. There it is, though It was considered illegal to have one, so the government confiscated it. Hence there is today only one copy leftwhich originally belonged to King Farouk of Egypt. In the end, it was owned by a private seller who finally had it auctioned by Sotheby's in 2002 for $ 7.6 million.

1st place: 1 dollar 1794 Flowing Hair (Green-Contursi-Cardinal version) for 8,506,000 euros

The coin is also one of the first coins to be officially produced by the United States. So it became US Mint founded in 1792. At first it only produced copper coins and a few samples. Then the first silver coins appeared, including this dollar. The special thing about it: it should it has been in its original state for over 200 years to be kept in shape.

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