When will you run for President 1?

Federal presidential elections

General information on federal presidential elections

The Federal President is elected by those entitled to vote in accordance with the electoral principles.

The term of office of the Federal President is six years, Re-election for the immediately following term of office is only permitted once.

In order to be elected Federal President, one is required absolute majority, i.e. more than half of the (valid) votes are required. If no candidate reaches such a majority, there will be one on the fourth Sunday after the first ballot Runoff instead, in which only the two candidates with the strongest vote stand.

It exists no Compulsory voting!

Active voting rights

Are actively entitled to vote, i.e. entitled to vote

  • all Austrian citizens,
  • who are at least 16 years old on election day and
  • are not excluded from voting because of a judicial conviction.

Only those entitled to vote whose names are in the final can participate in an election Electoral roll are included, participate.

You can inspect the electoral roll and submit requests for corrections. You can find more about this under Registration of eligible voters (voter register, electoral roll).

In the election of the Federal President, voting is also possible by means of Voting card - in any polling station or in the form of Postal vote - possible. If necessary, the Visit by the special electoral authority be requested.

Austrians abroad (provided they are registered in the electoral register in an Austrian municipality) and people who are only temporarily abroad have the option of Voting abroad by postal vote.

Passive voting rights

Passively entitled to vote, i.e. entitled to stand for candidacy

  • all Austrian citizens,
  • those on election day at least 35 years old are and
  • Not by a domestic court for one or more criminal acts committed with willful intent and to be prosecuted ex officio, to a custodial sentence not conditionally revised in excess of six months or a conditionally revised imprisonment sentence in excess of one year sentenced were.

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