What makes a song yours


The video clip shows a call for participation in the song contest. At the beginning, a globe with headphones and the heading "Take part in the" Song Contest Your Song for EINE WORLD "" are displayed. In addition, music is played.

The musician EES introduces himself briefly and calls out to take part in the song contest: “My name is EES and if you like making music as much as I do, then take part in the song contest“ Your song for EINE WORLD! ”. Are you between 10 and 25 years old and you really want to get creative and show how you can unite the world with music? Then this song contest is for you! "

Then Ayla reports on her participation in the song contest via video call: "Before I always thought that if I write an activist song now, nobody will want to listen to it and now I was so encouraged and got so much strength."

Next, Raphael tells in front of the web camera why it is worth taking part: "Because it is actually the perfect combination of commitment and music and you can really let your feelings, thoughts and appeals to others run wild here."

Volcanic King motivates to express oneself through music: "So what are you facing in your part of this ONE WORLD, express it through your song, through your music."

["Whatever you experience in your part of this ONE WORLD, express it through your song, through your music."]

Jan from the band So What encourages future participants: “You can do it! No matter how you think now, you will never make it, you cannot write good songs. You can do it!"

You can see some impressions of the second main jury meeting and then presenter Johanna Klum on stage, as she announces the two main winners of the previous round: "Byrd & Ward". This is followed by some impressions of the winners.

Musician EES shares some important information about participation and calls again to participate: “Here is the website link below, just go there, look at everything you need in terms of information and get creative! And let's bring the music and the world together as one! [And let's unite the music and the world!]

Winner Tobi is also of the opinion: “Take part!”.

At the end a final board appears, on which the sentence appears first: “Write your song for ONE WORLD.” There is also a globe with headphones and the logo of the song contest. In addition, a turquoise-colored bar reads: "We look forward to your contribution to the Song Contest". There will be more information: "Closing date for entries: June 16, 2021. All information: www.eineweltsong.de"

Then the logos of Engagement Global and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as the logos of the partners of the Song Contest appear.