Become a seller obsolete

Start-up wants to make brokers obsolete

A Linz start-up closes a gap in the market that has been evident for years: competes with the conventional brokerage for the brokerage of Austria's real estate.

“Be your own broker”, the people of Linz advertise with their online services for everyone. Behind it is a real estate portal, with which sellers can partially create a professional synopsis of their property themselves. Wherever sellers need professional support and the expertise of real estate experts, Linda offers appropriate services. For example, you can commission Linda to create 360 ​​° recordings or even digital tours of your own property, which should give potential buyers / tenants an optimal impression of the conditions on site.

Commission-free for buyers and tenants - the end of the double rain of money

If the mediation is successful, the seller or landlord pays the property a fixed price of 1850 €. In addition, there are additional monthly costs for the synopsis of € 55 / month for sale or € 25 / month for rental, as well as additional costs if additional services are used.
The positive thing about this price model: There are no agency fees for the buyer or tenant. According to Linda, Austria is one of the last countries where real estate agents are legally allowed to charge 3% commission from the sales price or three gross monthly rents for their services - both from the seller / landlord and from the buyer / tenant.

Compared to the services of a conventional real estate agent, however, the costs incurred for sellers / landlords are also a bargain, according to Managing Director Jobert Tiggeler: “The services of a real estate agent are always the same - regardless of whether the property is worth € 300,000 or € 500,000. But the commission for the broker is currently 3% of the property value - twice as much. In the cases mentioned, a commission of € 18,000 or € 30,000 would be incurred with a conventional mediation. At Linda, on the other hand, we support the customer with our know-how. We support him where he needs support - and at fixed prices. "

Source: OTS APA