Can you learn to code on an iPad?

This free iPad app teaches you or your kids to learn to code

Whether you or your child is interested in learning how to code, 5 fun activities for kids to learn coding on a raspberry pi in computer programming. Here are five easy ways to teach your child how to code on the Raspberry Pi. Read More Hopscotch for iOS is free, fun, and great for beginners. With simple taps, you can let your imagination run wild while learning the basics of programming.

The basic principles

With Hopscotch, learn the basics of computer science and programming by creating games. Instead of physically writing lines of code, learn through a block-based approach. This is how you can see the code written. 17 Simple HTML Code Examples You Can Learn In 10 Minutes 17 Simple HTML Code Examples You Can Learn In 10 Minutes If you know the following 17 HTML tags (and their associated additional tags), you can can create a basic webpage from scratch, or code created by an app like ... Read More

The core principles include decomposition, generalization, abstraction, pattern recognition, and algorithm design. And while this sounds complicated, you will learn these theories in a way that makes it enjoyable.

Hopscotch includes several lessons with optional tutorials and a structured curriculum. Each lesson follows several concepts:

  • Order - The order in which you give instructions to a computer.
  • Event - A trigger that causes the computer to take action.
  • Loop code that is repeated.
  • Value or Variable - A placeholder for a number.
  • Conditional statements - if (that's true) then (do this).

Coding with Hopscotch

Now that the good things are out of the way, let's move on for fun: coding with Hopscotch. You will go through each lesson with a guided tutorial video. The videos offer both audio and visuals, which makes it very easy to follow. You can pause, pause, rewind, and fast forward the videos to learn at your own pace.

In the first lesson, "Jump In", you will learn how to make a character jump when they are touched. This simple lesson will help you build on the concepts and rationale by using When (happens), To do (these).

You start with a blank canvas and follow the tutorial. An example of how easy it is to use Hopscotch are the steps you use to create Jump In:

  1. Tap the plus and select a character.
  2. When the character appears on the screen, tap Add code paste the instructions.
  3. To start with one When Instruction, click on the is tapped Block to place it on top.
  4. Next, add the action the character will take When it is tapped. click Leap to place it in the instructions.
  5. Tap the play Click the button above to view and test your creation.

If the character jumps when you tap on it, you are successful!

What can you do?

As you work through each lesson in turn, you'll create a whack-a-mole game, move on to the Geometry Dash, and even do Flappy Bird. There are several free lessons that will keep you busy for some time. If you want, you can unlock more tutorials with an in-app purchase.

If you've completed the free tutorials and can code with Hopscotch, then you can create your own games from scratch. Tap the big one plus Icon below, name your project, and you are on your way to what you want.

In addition to playing games, you can also create art, music, movies, quizzes, and more. Every design you create starts with an object. This can be a character, shape, text, emoji, or even a picture. Then add the code to your almost endless possibilities with a simple tap.

Choose from motions like rotating or waxing, make objects disappear by adjusting their invisibility, and use device actions like A when they are shaken or tilted.

From moving backgrounds to complex games to beautiful animations, Hopscotch offers the tools. Not only can you create something amazing, but you can also learn to program at the same time.

Simplicity makes it easy

Hopscotch is a wonderful way to create a foundation that is used in various programming languages. Simply tapping objects, actions, motions, conditions, variables, and controls in boxes will make learning to code easier than you think. 5 Reasons To Give Your Kids A Raspberry Pi 5 Reasons To Give Your Kids A Raspberry Pi If you don't own a Raspberry Pi and have kids of a suitable age, you need to think seriously about bringing a house home. It could change your child's life - here's why. Continue reading .

Also, you can see the code in a combination of written and visual forms after entering your instructions. For example, if you drag an octopus around the screen with your finger, the code will appear as "When the octopus is pressed, follow your finger." This will give you the words and a picture of the character.

If you want the octopus to turn purple when you shake the device, you will see "If the device is shaken, set the color to purple." Along with the words in this example, an image of the iPhone and a representation of the color are displayed.

Learning to code this way takes away the intimidating factor that some might feel. You can gain a strong understanding of the concepts without realizing it. Then when you take a coding class or go back to college, you'll be one step ahead. And what could be more fun for kids than developing their own game while they study?

Additional functions

In Hopscotch you will find numerous additional features and functions that increase the usability and enjoyment.

  • Copy projects to create different versions.
  • Gradually work on drafts using the auto-save feature.
  • Publish your creations for other users to see.
  • Check out what other Hopscotch players are up to and save your favorites, share or get inspired.
  • Use the search function to find specific project types.

Hopscotch is available for free and is designed for both iPhone and iPad. If you're having fun with it, you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to receive new tutorials every month and access the full set of tools.

What are you going to create with Hopscotch?

While hopscotch can be intended for children ages 9-11, it is enjoyable and educational for adults. Learn to learn code with these 7 courses from Microsoft and edX. Learn to write code with these 7 courses from Microsoft and edX. You can achieve a lot with key technological competencies. Now you can learn how to code to edX using Microsoft's well-packed courses. Starts soon. Also read more. And since it's available for free, it's definitely worth it. Are you creating a new hit game, an incredible piece of art, or an intriguing background that changes color?

Check out Hopscotch and let us know what great creations you or your child have made!

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