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B2B SEO ✓ Special branch / special measures

B2B SEO is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for B2B companies. Objective: Better ranking of B2B websites in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The B2B characteristics are: Lower search frequency but high ranking value and internationalization due to a high export rate in the industry.

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Importance of B2B SEO

Every B2B company needs online reach because

  1. Every investment decision and every job search is controlled by search results on Google & Co.
  2. Only 6.8% of Google searchers click on AdWords!
  3. 99.1% of Google's traffic comes from the 1st search results page!
  4. Search engine optimization can displace the competition from the top places
  5. Search engine optimization has great potential for digital sales.

The B2B industry has exactly the same SEO basics (see below) as B2C companies. However, there are a few special features in the B2B environment, especially in the capital goods industry:

  1. High export quota, on average 76% according to VDMA. That means: international search engine optimization is a central point.
  2. Often such a low search volume that many SEO tools provide no or hardly usable figures.
  3. Due to the high level of interoperability, brand names play a major role and the focus is on branding / sales support instead of the direct sale of the advertised products or services.

The B2B environment also means international orientation. See Wiki SEO international.

In addition, SEO in the B2B environment often means:

  • Many SEO tools provide little or no data (because the frequency of search queries is simply too low, but at the same time it is very important for companies!)
  • Often it is not complete news, but improvements to known technology. E.g. a sensor is now even more sensitive, but it was there before.
  • What do you all mean? - What are the special features in B2B SEO?

Domain name concept

International SEO: Where to Host and How to Target. With the options: Root Domain, Subdomains, Subfolders.

Answering these questions leads to the domain name concept. A mixed form is clearly recommended. The sketch using the example of company abc shows how this works:

  4. (.br is the ccTLD for Brazil)

However, if different domains are used, both must be search engine optimized as if they were two separate worlds. This is the case, for example, with shops and normal company websites. Therefore, from the maintenance point of view, the use of subdomains such as:

  • ...

Search engine optimization basics

Search engine optimization or SEO is strategy and website programming to bring the content of a website onto the Internet in such a way that it is listed by search engines such as Google & Co. It has now become half a science.
The basis of search engine optimization is the definition of the right keywords, which is done in the context of keyword marketing. The corresponding (B2B) SEO measures are carried out with SEO tools. In principle, there are various general rules that must be observed.

general basics

1. Search engine friendly URLs
The address of a website should be easy to read for humans and search engines. Many CMS therefore offer the possibility to structure URLs in a meaningful way. With TYPO3 this goes e.g. B. with the RealURL module.

SEOquake shows the keyword density on the homepage

2. Keyword Optimization
The point here is that you are as high as possible in the search results for certain keywords (search terms). To put it simply, all you have to do is use the relevant keyword frequently on your homepage. It should make up about 3% of your text.
Attention: Don't overdo it! Search engines recognize this and can therefore remove you from the search index.

3. "Content is king"
High quality and unique content is becoming increasingly important. This is another reason why you shouldn't just copy from other sites, because that can be rated as "Dublicate Content" and lead to your website disappearing from the search index. If double content is needed, the canonical HTML tag can be used to tell which website Google should see as the main page.

4. Text formatting
Regardless of whether it is a free homepage or a premium CMS, everyone can and should pay attention to this point. The text formatting is not only important for your users, search engines also orientate themselves on what is in the headline and what is written in bold. It is therefore particularly effective to write the keywords in the headline.

5. Technical structure
With free construction kits, you may not have much leeway here, but if you use a CMS system or have programmed your own homepage, you can still tease out a lot here. Specifically, it's about your website making a good technical impression. In other words: It loads quickly, offers a tidy code and can also be used on the go.

  • domain: Pay attention to keywords when choosing the domain. The most important keyword should be present in the domain name. Even better if the keyword and the name of the company appear. The domain name should not be too long and make a harmonious impression. It should be checked whether the desired domain is still available
  • Url: Every website has its own name. The URL shows this. Inserts keywords that match the website
  • title: The title is often displayed as a heading on a page. Keywords that you have chosen for this page go into the title. They are at the beginning and are not too long.
  • heading: Headings help you to find your way around the page. They summarize the most important things in the text and make it easier to understand. Search engines pay very close attention to keywords in headings.
  • text: The text is the most important thing on a website. High quality text appeals to the reader. The keywords describe the core of the content. Put the keywords at the beginning of every text.
  • density: Keywords appear frequently in the text. If the topic and keywords have been worked out in advance, the implementation of the text is usually not a problem. The key terms make up about 1-3% of the text.
  • images: Images contribute to a better understanding of a text and loosen it up. Also put keywords in the title of the picture. The alternative text that takes the place of the image, should it not open, contains the keywords.
  • Link text: The text of internal and external links includes the keywords. Search engines attach great importance to this.
  • navigation: The use of so-called breadcrumbs or breadcrumb navigation makes it easier for website visitors to navigate, filter and create context. For example, the duration of the session is extended, which triggers a positive signal for the evaluation of the page or domain.

OnPage optimizations

OnPage optimizations are to be carried out directly on the website: in the HTML template, in the content and on the server.

The most important thing is the content of a website that should rank: The content. Good SEO texts help to achieve a better ranking in search engines. The search engines evaluate the content of the website and decide whether it is relevant to the respective search term (the keyword).
Defining the target group is important for search engine optimization. Who should visit the homepage and how should this target group be addressed. Texts for young people, for example, have to be designed differently than texts in the B2B area. Possible target groups are:

  • B2B company
  • Customers
  • Fans
  • student
  • Specialists
  • different age groups and social classes etc.

Keyword analysis for SEO texts
A good SEO text can only be created if the appropriate keywords have been defined beforehand. Keywords are the terms that the target group enters into the search engine. When looking for the right keywords, it is important that the keywords have high search queries, but also that the competition is not too strong. Suitable keywords for the topic of SEO would be e.g. B. the following:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine optimization Google
  • Successful search engine optimization ...

Page title
The page title is a very important component in the creation of good SEO texts. This is output both in the website visitor's browser and in the title of the search results. It is therefore important to include the respective keyword in the title as early as possible. In addition, the title should encourage the user to click on the search result on their own website.

Headings in SEO texts
One of the most important areas in SEO copywriting is the heading. The keyword that is appropriate for this page must be placed in the headline. The right headings improve both the readability of a text and its findability by search engines. Use short and concise headings. Headings bring the message of the text to the point. The headings are to be structured hierarchically. The main heading is always an H1 heading. This can only appear once on each page. All other sub-headings are to be declared as H2, H3 etc. headings.

Content of SEO texts
The content is the most important area for a visitor, so the content should correspond to what a visitor would like to find. This area is also important for search engine optimization with keywords. In order to achieve good rankings with your own website, it is important to ensure in an SEO text that the keyword takes up 2-4% of the entire textual content. Synonyms are to be used in the text, which also describe the keyword. A good SEO text is structured as follows:

  • paragraphs
  • Highlighting
  • Listings

The following semantic features are also important for search engine optimization:

  • pay attention to sentence construction
  • do not use technical terms
  • not too many auxiliary verbs

It is also important to use internal links to strengthen other sub-pages on your own website. With these links, make sure that the sub-pages are linked with the appropriate keywords. When creating SEO texts, it is important that the texts are unique and are therefore not available on another website on the Internet.

Graphics and pictures
Graphics and images are also important for search engine optimization. With their help, an SEO text can be made even more interesting. It is not possible for search engines to read the images. The so-called alt and title tag describes what can be seen on the respective picture. The declaration of these two tags looks like this:

alt = "Basics on the topic of search engine optimization"
title = "Basics about search engine optimization"

In the case of images, you should also make sure that they contain the respective keyword in the name. For example, a picture in this post should be named seo-texte.jpg. So that the images load quickly even for visitors with a slower internet connection, they should be compressed accordingly and not exceed a size of 100 KB for content images and 200 KB for header graphics.

OffPage optimization

Off-page optimization includes the external factors of a website. These include external links and, above all, so-called backlinks. Backlinks are one of the essential ranking factors in organic search and are therefore crucial for a top ranking. Therefore the quality and the number of backlinks is an important criterion.

Inbound traffic through outbound links

Links are extremely important for the ranking of a website. There are the following link types, which can be follow and unfollow:

  1. incoming links of external websites
  2. outbound links to external websites
  3. internal links to your own websites.

The most important link in the B2B environment can be the link to' external websites if you are not THE brand for a product. Because from Google's point of view, outgoing links benefit the user and thus help the linked page to a better ranking if the following is true:

  1. the outgoing link fits the topic almost exactly and offers complementary content
  2. the linked website has a high trust factor

And it is precisely the high trust factor that is usually given in B2B, as there are websites of "down-to-earth" ones, which in turn have valuable links from associations (such as the VDMA). So there is a link to the induux wiki, especially when it comes to industrial topics.

Implementation of SEO projects

Very important: Before every SEO measure, an SEO audit should be performed at least once a year.

If you have no experience with marketing managers, managing directors or complete beginners, then SEO seminars are always recommended. SEO seminars are also recommended if you have already gained initial experience or want to deepen your knowledge.
In order to ultimately achieve successful rankings in search engines, SEO agencies help with the implementation of SEO projects. They offer support, advice and services to support the relevant company in search engine optimization.