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Application rejected under INA 221 (g)

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A denial under Section 221 (g) means that an application is missing material information or that an application requires additional administrative processing. The consular officer interviewing you will tell you at the end of your interview if your case has been denied under 221 (g). The consular officer will either tell you that the case needs administrative processing or ask you to provide additional information.

If more information is required, the consular officer will advise you on how to submit this information. If your visa application is denied under Section 221 (g), you will receive a written letter informing you of the visa denial and, if applicable, a reference to the requested documents.

If the U.S. Embassy requests additional information or documents from you, you must provide those documents according to the instructions on Rejection 221 (g) that you received from the embassy.

Electronic copies by email

If you are asked to send an electronic copy of any document, send it in PDF format to the U.S. embassy or consulate that issued Letter 221 (g). The attachments must not be more than 3 MB in size.

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Administrative processing

Some denied visa applications may be denied under Section 221 (g) as further administrative processing is required. The consular officer interviewing you will tell you at the end of your interview whether your case has been refused due to the administrative processing required under 221 (g). The duration of the administrative processing depends on the respective circumstances. Except in emergencies (e.g. serious illness, injury or death in your immediate family), applicants should wait at least 180 days from the date of the interview or submission of additional documentation before inquiring about the status of the visa application, whatever is later.

Applicants whose cases have been declined for administrative processing can contact the embassy / consulate to check the status of their cases by clicking on the link below that corresponds to the embassy / consulate where they were interviewed :

If you are a non-immigrant visa applicant, you canhere Check your DS-160 and Visa application status online by entering your interview location and DS-160 barcode number. Please note that your case will still be denied unless the consular officer concludes that you are eligible for your visa.