How can I motivate someone

Kurt - a department head - sighs in the cafeteria: "I just wonder why I couldn't motivate the team members better for the project." "I'll tell you how I do it in my department," replies his colleague Roland: "Motivation begins with self-motivation. Our employees always expect that they are motivated by us bosses. Typical consumer behavior. I have had the best successes in my department with self-management. Because: self-motivation begins with self-management. Those who know their strengths, develop their abilities; those who also reduce their own weaknesses and purposefully eradicate bad things are the most efficient way of motivating themselves. Self-motivation is my magic formula ".

This conversation at the standing bar makes us aware that motivation must not be viewed from one side. "Being able to motivate others" is one side, "motivating yourself" is the other. Both are necessary. Many people just look for specific recipes in their everyday lives, as Kurt made the subject of in the cafeteria. In the world of work, motivation is seen primarily as a willingness to provide services that benefit one's own company. However, anyone who takes a closer look at the phenomena of motivation quickly realizes in practice: Motivation is indeed one Driving force for actions. But this power, this engine constantly needs fuel . There is a motivation that is inherent in the thing itself, such as the joy of a certain activity, without additional stimulation e.g. the "joy of movement". But in the professional world it is not primarily about this so-called intrinsic motivation. "Movere" (lat) means: "To move something". If you want to be motivated, you want to direct others towards something. Of course, as mentioned, we can also motivate ourselves. The athletes then speak of "mental" work. These include the auto-suggestive techniques. However, self-motivation is clearly more difficult than external motivation. In the following, we deliberately refrain from illuminating all motivational factors. From our practical experience, we would just like to point out a few particularly important factors that are not considered enough in everyday life: