Can I learn to sing when I am 19?

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... as a stuttering Smurf, I wasn't really one of the successful and hip guys at school. Fortunately, music was one of the main subjects. Today, however, nobody believes me that I was a candidate for the exam between pass and fail in this subject.

From an early age I drummed in my father's church and the first idols in singing were my three older brothers. After the first top 40 gigs, excursions into the classical world and the majority of the time in the somewhat louder music, the desire to really understand and learn about singing grew bigger and bigger.

Whether concerts in front of thousands of people or the small backyard gigs, weeks of touring or album productions: Most of the time, of course, backing vocals were also in demand. As a drummer who has to sing at the same time, I slowly but surely reached my limits.

Do you know this feeling when you feel that there is more to you, but you have no idea how to get it out of yourself?

In addition to self-taught learning, I completed some training. In Vienna, Hamburg, Zurich, Copenhagen or the USA I was allowed to learn from very gifted people and musicians and was confronted with the most diverse, often very contradicting approaches, singing techniques and approaches.

Billy Ashbaugh showed me the basics of the music business and the treasures hidden up to that point during a tour that prepared me especially for the intensive time with my own band "vonMenschenSohn". I got to know the advantages and disadvantages of a major label and an indie label. Together with a small team, I founded the Vienna Singing School Stimmfabrik. I have been working as a freelance vocal coach since 2012.

Sometimes I am asked about the best method and vocal technique that I use as a singer and coach! But from my point of view they don't even exist! I also don't develop an Andreas Heusser Easy Singing method. There are already many different approaches and vocal techniques that work well. Based on my experience with it, I can show you quickly and effectively how you can easily learn to sing.

Oh yes, I'm 36. A Swiss-German-Austrian hybrid and married to my Andrea! If you like, write to me
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