How can I become an Indonesian civil servant?

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The embassy can authenticate signatures on documents that are to be presented in Germany.

The certification of photocopies is also possible if the certified copy is demonstrably to be used in Germany.

The German embassy in Jakarta cannot authenticate signatures or legalize German documents for use in Indonesia.

Important Current information on the legalization of Indonesian civil status documents (as of March 2021):

In principle, Indonesian civil status documents can be legalized by the Jakarta Embassy for submission to the German authorities after the relevant preliminary certification has been completed.

At the moment, however, the legalization note cannot yet be issued for - electronically - issued Indonesian civil status certificates (only contain a barcode instead of the signature of the issuing official).

Instead, we can currently offer you the issue of a so-called consular certificate as an interim solution.

You can find more information on this in our updated information sheet as follows:


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Leaflet Legalization of Indonesian Documents

Declaration of commitment in the visa procedure

Leaflet Declaration of Commitment