How does fashion blogging work

Everyone can start their own fashion blog in just a few steps and maybe soon turn their hobby into a profession. A not entirely unimportant question needs to be clarified beforehand: How do you become a successful fashion blogger in the first place? We thought it would be best to ask the professionals. More than 10 fashion, fashion and lifestyle bloggers answered our questions.

As a blogger, you can help shape the fashion industry

At the beginning of our research in early June, the Berlin Fashion Week was just around the corner. Of course, an indispensable event for bloggers. So our interviews with them had to wait for a while. Such events in particular clearly show the influence bloggers now have on the fashion scene. They visit the designers' fashion shows, set trends and reach an audience interested in fashion. It is hardly surprising that fashion blogs are becoming more and more popular and are noticeably competing with fashion magazines. After a week of sniffing the fashion world in the capital, the interviews could begin.

You learn that in the interviews

With our conversations we want you to be able to learn something from the experiences of others. The bloggers made mistakes that you don't have to repeat. There are suggestions for improvement and we will show you how you can take advantage of financial opportunities. Of course, every single blog is also a source of inspiration for your own project.

The tips of the professionals at a glance

To make it easier for you to get started, we have collected many tips and tricks for starting your blog.

  • Blog topic

    The personal blog topic should be carefully considered. Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen and that's why specialization is extremely important, so find your niche, like Susi and Riccardo.

  • Hosting

    Once the main topic for the blog has been found, a host must be commissioned to set up the blog. Diana explains how she found the right hosting. The lifestyle blogger also says that she made some mistakes at the beginning of her blogging career. Mistakes You Can Avoid

  • Name and design

    The design and the blog name should fit the overall concept. Esra gives advice on naming and layout. Once you have done that, you can start with your first contributions.

  • text

    With the recommendations of blogger Svenja, your texts will not only be found better, but will also be found by search engines.

  • photo

    No blog without great photos! That's why we asked two street style photographers. Bojan and Yolanda reveal what is important in a good fashion photo.

  • Video

    But producing videos can also be an option for your fashion blog. More and more fashion enthusiasts are vlogging. We asked The lost boy and Vashionessa why they rely on videos.

  • Social media

    If you know how to create content, the reach of the posts should be increased. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ... BRU explains in an interview how he posts in a target group-oriented manner.

  • Stay tuned

    If your blog is making slow progress at the beginning or you have the feeling that you want to start all over again, read the interview with Frank.

  • revenue

    For the advanced among you, the topic of earning money is certainly exciting. Sara Bow is a fashion blogger and uses her experience to report errors with cooperation partners and forms of advertising that are worthwhile on your blog. Sara also gives tips on how to increase your first income.

  • future

    Maybe one day you will be as successful as the guys from Snobtop. Because her fashion blog is now a men's magazine.

If they can do it, so can you. Let's go WITH your own fashion blog!