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87 reasons why you should vacation in South Korea

South Korea not only has a long history, fascinating sights and unique natural spectacles to offer. On your South Korea vacation you will also experience how dynamic and exciting the East Asian country is. We have put together 87 reasons that show why you should take a trip to Korea.

1. Experience a technological edge

The incredibly fast WiFi that can be used anywhere is perhaps the best-known among technological advances. The internet connections here are six times faster than the global average. But that's not all. The technological achievements that you can admire in South Korea will fascinate and inspire you.

2. Korean culture is fascinating

“Work hard, play hard” is the unofficial motto of life in South Korea. But that's just the tip of a culturally fascinating country.

3. The people

Koreans are open, friendly and warm.

4. Local public transport

The Seoul Metro carries 7 million people on nine lines. All lanes are equipped with WiFi and TV screens. And if it is too warm or too cold for you on the train, you can have the temperature changed with just a short text message.

5. Coffee shops as far as the eye can see

6. English

South Korea is one of the better places for travelers who speak English. Most of the street signs are in English and communication works very well in many cases.

We still recommend that you pick up a few Korean vocabulary and learn Hangul. Hangul is the Korean alphabet and you can learn it in just 60 minutes.

7. Security

South Korea has a lower crime rate than many other countries in the world. The crime rate is one of the lowest in Asia in particular. You will always feel safe on your Korea trip.

8. Tradition and modernity

There are not many cities in the world where you can find a centuries-old temple next to an impressive modern skyscraper. But Seoul has a very interesting mix of the traditional and the modern.

9. Design

Seoul is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Seoul is always at the forefront when it comes to architectural design.

10. Attend the KPOP concert

It's a once in a lifetime experience! You haven't seen anything like this live before.

11. The Kimchi Museum

There are more than one Kimchi Museum in Korea, but the Kimchi Field Museum in Seoul is the best place to go if you want to learn about kimchi and Korean cuisine.

12. Lotte Tower

The five tallest building in the world offers shopping, dining and breathtaking views.

13. See a kpop idol

Kpop has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years and the success of K-Dramas has gone hand in hand with it. Whether a Kpop concert, autograph session or meet-and-greet, a must for every Kpop fan.

14. Bibimbap in Jeonju

Bibimbap is also extremely tasty when you eat it in Seoul. The bibimbap in Jeonju is said to be the best in the country. This special bibimbap sometimes has up to 30 ingredients. If you want to cook Bibimbap yourself, you will find our Bibimbap recipe here.

15. Eat Korean BBQ

Korean barbecue can be found everywhere and is definitely a dish that you cannot miss on your Korea vacation.

16. Have fun for little money

South Korea is not one of the cheapest travel countries. But you can still get a lot of fun for little money. There really is something for every vacationer. The Korean food is reasonably priced. Street food can be found on every corner and this is the cheapest option.

17. Hiking

Korea's landscape consists of almost 70% mountains. So it's a perfect destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

18. Buddhist temples

You don't have to be a Buddhist to be amazed by the temple complexes.

19. Living in a Korean monastery

Temple Stay is a program designed to enable locals and tourists to better understand Korean Buddhism. Therefore your own religion does not play a role here either. A typical temple stay includes a night in the monastery and participation in a few Buddhist rituals.

20. Unique cityscapes

21. Everland

Everland opened in 1976 as the first amusement park in South Korea. In addition to countless attractions, there is also a huge safari world with tigers, lions and bears and much more. Everland is easy to get to from Seoul by bus.

22. Lotte World

If you don't want to leave Seoul to visit an amusement park, then you should stop by Lotte World. Not as big as Everland and fewer attractions, but if you want to experience something, you've come to the right place.

23. Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics are on the rise worldwide. Seoul is the best place to stock up on cosmetic products. If you want to learn more about face masks, snail cream, and young skin, then you should check out this article on Korean cosmetics.

24. Cycling in South Korea

The developed bike lanes are a fantastic way to explore the country.

25. Coex Mall

Coex Mall is Asia's largest underground shopping mall. You can find this shopping paradise in the basement of the Korea World Trade Center, Samseong-dong.

26. Patbingsu

Patbingsu is a Korean ice cream dessert with sweet side dishes such as fruits, syrup, beans, etc. This dessert is extremely popular in Korea.

27. Noryangjin Fish Market

The fish market in Noryangjin is a great experience. The market is open 24/7 and is a wonderful experience for the eyes, nose and palate.

28. Kyongju

Kyongju is a traditional city reminiscent of an open-air museum. Not only interesting for friends of Asian and Buddhist architecture.

29. Korean traditional medicine

Korean traditional medicine is still very popular.

30. The DMZ

North of Seoul you can visit the demilitarized zone. The strip of land between North and South Korea that separates the two countries.

31. Korean sauna - Jjimjilbang

A Jjimjilbang is a sauna area or a Korean bathhouse. During your stay there you can watch TV, eat and drink, or just relax. There is also the possibility to stay overnight in Jjimjilbang. The price is so cheap (less than 10 euros) that some travelers use it as a cheap alternative to hotels.

32. Noraebang

Noraebang is the Korean version of karaoke. If you like to sing with friends, you will find a Noraebang everywhere where you can sing privately only with your friends.

33rd Boryeong’s Mud Festival

The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual summer experience. The city is located 200 kilometers south of Seoul. Meanwhile, however, you can also find similar festivals in and around Seoul.

34. KTX

A KORAIL PASS is especially worthwhile if you want to travel to South Korea and not just want to stay in Seoul. The PASS allows you to use any KTX for a limited time. You can buy the KORAIL PASS on the Korail website.

35. Teddy Bear Museum

In the Teddy Bear Museum you will find exactly what to expect. But if you want to hear the story of the teddy bears and be enchanted by the many different plush toys, then you should stop by here.

36. First class ski resorts

Most of the ski resorts are in Gangwon-do, which is where most of the snow falls. Even if the places are outside of Seoul, thousands travel to the ski areas every year.

37. Jindo-Modo Landbridge

A land bridge created by the Korean Moses.

38. Gangnam

Mainly due to Psy’s hit Gangnam Style probably the most famous district of Seoul. Here you can really find everything you can dream of.

39. Visit the Bukchon Hanok Village

Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village is a suggestion of traditional houses that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. Here you will also find many small cafes and shops that have a very unique charm.

40. The beaches in Busan

The most beautiful beaches in Korea are located in the south of the country. And here we have to especially mention Busan. The second largest city in Korea offers sandy beaches, blue water and countless leisure activities.

41. Nightlife in Seoul

Nightlife in Seoul feels like a never-ending party. Alcohol is a constant companion, and soju will delight your liver too. It doesn't matter if you just want to have a beer with friends or if you want to dance all night. Seoul is a party metropolis that doesn't have to hide from any other city in the world.

42. Shop till you drop - Dongdaemun Market

The Dongdaemun Market is one of the most famous markets in Korea. Here you will find 20 shopping malls and a paradise for fashionistas. The prices are relatively cheap and you can find everything your heart desires there.

43. Free Stuff Seobiseu

South Korea is known for giving countless cosmetic samples for free. Money is nice, but free products are even better.

44. Incheon Airport

Korea sits between China and Japan and is only a stone's throw away from all other destinations in Asia. If you are thinking of visiting another Asian country, New Zealand or Australia, then you should see if you can include Korea as a stopover.

45. 70 international airlines fly to Korea

Lufthansa also flies to Seoul and there is a wide selection of airlines from Germany, Switzerland and Austria to South Korea.

46. ​​Connection

Bad phone connections and slow WiFi speeds are rare.

47. Deoksugung Palace

The palace is surrounded by modern and western buildings, which makes the atmosphere even more interesting.

48. Suwon

The city farmers and the traditional environment in Suwon are only half an hour away from Seoul. And if you want to see traditional Korea, you can feel like you are in the past here.

49. Gyeongbokgung Palace

The northernmost of the great temples in Seoul was built in 1395.

50. Gyeongnidan

Gyeongnidan is a relatively quiet part of Seoul and compared to Hongdae and Itaewon, a haven of peace. But the neighborhood offers the same interesting shops and endless opportunities to stop and get a picture of the city.

51. Korean ginseng and green tea

A mix of green tea and Korean ginseng is a health benefit for your body. Energy intake and fat burning are some of the benefits.

52nd story in Insadong

Insadong is the place if you are interested in traditional tea. But even if you're not a tea lover, Insadong is a must-see place.

53. Taepyeong Salt Farm

The Taepyeong Salt Farm is a UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve.

54. Korean food is really good

55. Hangul learning

The Korean alphabet is one of the most scientific and logical in the world. It's relatively easy to learn, and our free PDF will teach you Hangul in 60 minutes.

56. Themed hotels

Korea is known for sweet products and an artistic style. But in the last few years a lot of themed hotels have emerged. In South Korea you can simply get the full program.

57. Beautiful university campus

58. Beautiful street art

59. Traditional architecture

One can spend hours and days taking photos of palaces and temples in Korea. And you never get bored of the beauty of the grounds.

60. Crazy museums

Korea has many museums of historical artifacts and world-renowned art. These include, for example, the National Museum of Korea and the National Folk Museum of Korea.

61. Ggotji Beach

62. Darangee Village

63. Bomun Pavilion

The perfect place to experience Korean spring and cherry blossoms in bloom.

64. Boseong Green Tea Fields

The plantations have been used for growing tea since the colonization by Japan. An incredibly beautiful sight!

65.Bulguksa Temple

66th Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Bullfighting is an annual tradition in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and attracts half a million visitors each year.

67. Hyeopjae Beach, Jeju

68. Anapji pond

69th Kwanghan Pavilion

70. Udo

Udo is one of the most visited places on Jeju. The beautiful landscape has made it into Korean films and dramas a number of times.

71. Yogurt soda

72. Auto shows

73. Namsan Cable Car

The Namsan Cable Car takes you from the foot of Namsan Mountain in Seoul to the top of the mountain on which the Namsan Tower is located. The tower is one of the most popular sights for both locals and tourists in Seoul.

74. Giant ice cream cones

Koreans love their ice cream. And the ice cream is really delicious.

75. Nami

The perfect day trip to Nami Island from Seoul is a must for any South Korea vacation.

76. Nanta

Nanta is a mix of Broadway and a cooking show. The performance is the greatest success in Korea's theater scene.

77. Hallasan

Hallasan is a volcano on Jeju and at the same time the highest mountain in Korea.

78. Daegwallyeong sheep farm

79. Makgeolli

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean drink made from rice and an alcohol content of five to seven percent. There are also many Koreans who insist on the healthy effects of the drink.

80. Opening times

In Seoul, it's not just the 24/7 shops that are open late. There are plenty of restaurants, fitness studios, bars, cafes and adventure worlds that are open for a very long time.

81. Gamcheon Culture Village

The Gamcheon culture village in Busan is one of the most beautiful places in Busan to visit if you can make it to the southern port city.

82. Namsan Tower

From the observation deck on top of the Namsan Tower, you can see Seoul in all its glory. The view over the city is breathtaking and a unique experience.

83. Hanboks

The traditional costumes in South Korea are not only colorful and comfortable to wear, but also perfect for a few photos in Seoul, which give your Korea trip a very special touch. You in a hanbok in Seoul, in front of one of the many temples, is a picture that you can show your grandchildren.

84. Haeinsa Temple

85, Seoraksan

The mountains in the east of the country invite you to go hiking and enchants with a unique nature and lots of peace and quiet, away from the big cities of the country.

86. Kyeong-Wha Station

This train station has become famous for the many cherry blossoms that fly around here every spring. Every year, countless photographers, tourists and locals come here to watch the pink cherry blossoms fall on the passing trains. A truly wonderful sight.

87.Seokbulsa Temple

One of the most beautiful temples in the country and best known for the stone work that runs through the entire temple complex.

Are you planning your trip to South Korea or have I forgotten a reason why you should go to Korea? Then let me know in the comments.

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