How would you market a butcher shop

Butcher / meat & fish

Stand out from the competition with innovations in your butcher's shop. Make yourself valuable to your customers and provide a way to avoid queues. Aside from the great products, why should they come to you? Avoid customers buying their meat in the supermarket and give them an even better shopping experience in your shop.
Did you know that your shop can be online and promoting your business in a few hours? No local supermarket can offer that! In this way you can bring back lost customers who do not have time to wait for fresh meat and therefore shop in the meat department of the supermarket.

Stand out with a useful ordering app and website. Avoid queues in your shop and offer to order and pay online with mobile devices.

Discover different ways to sell your products
Discover different ways to promote your business and products

Send messages to customers at any time

Example 1: Assuming the holidays are just around the corner and more and more orders are piling up. Do not worry! Ask your customers to place orders well in advance for the end of the year to avoid bottlenecks.

Example 2: It's summer and you want to promote your grilled meat offer? Send a notice to everyone who's downloaded your app so people know what's going on. "The weekend will be sunny! Until Friday, 20% discount on your favorite grilled meat!"

Promote the order app and website

We offer a complete online and offline marketing strategy to get your new project off to a fantastic start. These are campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and even Waze, and we also have promotional materials for your business.

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Discover different ways to retain your customers

Customer card

Customers can collect discount points on their digital loyalty card in the app or on the website. When you open the app, you can see your status at any time. You determine the rules. Define the amount for which you get a discount point and the number of points for a full card. Define your offer (percentage of discount, flat rate discount or free product). Once it is set up, your customer program runs automatically. You don't have to look for or calculate discount points. When the digital customer card is full, customers can easily redeem their points the next time they order.

Customer base

Many normal stores do not have access to their customers' data. We make sure that everyone who has ordered at least once with your ordering app or website ends up in your customer base. With this function you can send promotions or emails at any time. We also have a "consent" check box so that you comply with current regulations.

NOW we offer many more features

Optimal warehouse management

Sudden bottlenecks or the throwing away of unsold goods can easily be avoided. You can allocate the time to prepare an order and predict when a product will or will not sell well.

A clear overview of your online performance

The dashboard gives you a quick overview of your monthly sales, popular products, etc. Here you will gain valuable insights.

Mobile ordering app and tailor-made online retail website

Your own company identity in your web shop and on the mobile ordering app are important. Your customers will feel comfortable and your company will subconsciously run through their heads every day. Your logo appears on their smartphone screen, you are literally in the customer's pocket and can be reached at any time.


Here you will find the current prices for the synchronized mobile ordering app and online retail website.

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How great would it be to pre-order from all of your local stores and then quickly collect the order without queuing. You will also collect points with your loyalty card in order to receive rewards and access to any exclusive offers.
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