How do I remove horizontal blinds

How do I remove the blinds?

Blinds are an incredibly practical and compact type of window curtain. In addition, in some cases they are financially more advantageous than classic canvas canvases, the cost of which can easily be overestimated. But sometimes it is necessary to remove them in order to clean, wash or simply change the composition of the interior. You must therefore familiarize yourself with some instructions for use in order to remove this decorative item without damaging it.

Ways to remove blinds from a plastic window for washing

Of course, the blinds cannot always hang in the shape in which they were installed. There are many cases that can be a good reason for their withdrawal. For example, the appearance of heavy pollution that cannot be removed in suspension. But since there are some types of structures, the approach to their dismantling should be suitable for each type. Let's look in more detail at how to remove a specific model of slats, as well as some aspects related to washing.

Vertical slats

It is quite easy to remove the vertical blinds because, regardless of what material they are made of - fabric or plastic, in any case, they are fixed on the principle of curtains, that is, they are hung and along the eaves emotional. Absolutely all curtain rods are equipped with plugs in the side, thanks to which you can remove both normal curtains and vertical blinds without much effort. It is necessary to remove the plugs and, in turn, carefully pull out each element and carefully fold it.

But not everything is so simple, there are a few more nuances that should be observed:

  • Before removing it, it is necessary to unfold the blinds so that the window appears to be open and they line up in a row.
  • The next step is to pull the chain and the plastic weights that are in the lower part of the slats. It is necessary to carefully fold these elements so that the chains are not tangled or torn when you hang them up again.
  • After that, you need to carefully remove the slats from the eaves, pull out the fastener and roll the products into a roll. If necessary, you can wash them according to the appropriate rules.

It should be noted that when removing the slider, the plastic loop must be bent slightly without additional force so as not to damage it.


Recently, horizontal blinds have become very popular not only in offices but also in ordinary urban apartments, so the question of their own distance has become quite relevant. Since they have a completely different design from the previous version, the characteristics of their separation will be slightly different.

For example, horizontal slats are not hung on the eaves, but are secured with a special lock - "swallow". They must be removed from the bracket, which can also be easily unhooked with a screwdriver or a special tool.

Absolutely all horizontal slats, whether wood, plastic or aluminum models, are mounted on a top plate, which must be removed by sliding the top and rear walls, the strap is attached to the metal brackets so as not to pinch your fingers and nails damage, it is better to use tools. If the horizontal blinds are fixed in a different way, a different method of loosening may be necessary. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the design from the mounting brackets.

If the construction is long, it is better to ask for help as it is quite difficult to hold it on your own.


The so-called cassette roller blinds can be presented in the form of roller blinds as well as classic horizontal slats. A special feature is that all elements are hidden in a special niche - the so-called cassette - when they are lifted.

Cassette roller blinds and fastening mechanisms are different because in some cases it is not even necessary to drill walls and window elements for them when it comes to roller blinds. It is quite easy to remove them, since it is possible to completely solve both the functional element itself and the entire structure.

If, nevertheless, the construction is fastened on self-tapping screws and it is necessary to completely remove it, then you should start unscrewing it from the bottom, and then go to the top, if you act in the reverse order, the design simply will not hold and fall.

It is not uncommon to find models of cassette fastened with special keys or Velcro. In such a case it is necessary to remember exactly how the products were removed as it can be quite difficult to get them back.

Remove the eaves

Since only vertical blinds have eaves, and not bar or cassette fastening, the question of their removal can only arise in one case - when decorating vertical windows with windows. If you follow the directions, the process will not cause much trouble.

The eaves are established on the bars located along its length in the several sizes - from two and more. From the side of the room, these closures are almost imperceptible, but from the side of the cornice, which is located by the window, a prominent part of the slab is noticeable. To remove the eaves, it is necessary to press precisely on the protruding part, with a little effort. The detail will give in and loosen up from the eaves. In this case, she herself will hang on the ceiling, and the cornice will move freely.

If the short cornice has two extreme fastenings, then you need to take turns removing them and holding the edges with one hand.

For longer curtain rods with a large number of fasteners, a slightly different principle applies - the latches should be released by moving from the edge, again on each side, towards the middle one. Removing a long cornice is better so as not to act alone, because there may be a need to additionally hold the product.


Horizontal slat, roller and cassette models are usually attached to the wall above the window or directly to the plastic parts of the window frame, and the ceiling brackets have only vertical products.

How to remove them has already been said, but for a more visual example, you can study the whole process in this video.

Attached without drilling

In some cases, fastening blinds without drilling and screwing is used, but this view is only suitable for small products from the mini-category as long hooks or slats and hooks cannot be held.

Undoubtedly, such fastenings have many advantages, for example, if you decide to dismantle the structure, there is no need to drill plastic frames, holes in which it will not be possible to repair. In addition, this option is much easier to remove.

But devices without a drill have their drawbacks. At least assume that they are less durable and can barely withstand even an average load, let alone a heavier one.

Let's take a closer look at how to remove the blinds attached to the scotch or hooks.

Very often, the fixing of products on the adhesive element is a disposable product, so that you can remove it with a jerk or with a thin spatula. In this case, however, the remains of the double-sided adhesive tape and the frame and eaves must be removed and, if necessary, returned to the intended place. Use new tape and degrease the surface before gluing.

More practical and functional in the use of cap brackets, hooks, which are most often used to secure roller shutters. The brackets can be made of both plastic and metal, so the reliability of the construction largely depends on what material they are made of. These elements are attached to the upper part of the open window frame, close to the elastic band, so that when closed of the window no problems occur. It is very easy to remove such a detail, it is enough to gently press and pull up the bottom of the hook.

How do you wash

When washing and cleaning the blinds, it is necessary to take into account the material from which they are made, as each of them requires special treatment. For example, aluminum, wood and all other models that do not contain textile fibers, it is strictly forbidden to machine wash, as this will lead to the breakage of the product. These options for blinds do not even need to be dismantled, since it is possible to clean them on the spot, while using a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. If necessary, too much dirt can be removed with a detergent.

Jacquard models are very "capricious" and require a special relationship with themselves, so that they cannot be machine washed either. This option must be hand washed and processed, using special tools and making sure that all of its particles are thoroughly washed from the fabric fibers.

Only vertical models made from natural and synthetic fabrics can be machine washed, but they must also be handled with care. Therefore, you should only use the manual mode with a minimum water temperature and a minimum number of revolutions.

To wash long vertical slats, you need to remove them, roll them up and send them to the washing machine, according to the established rules. Thus, each element extends well but does not lose its former shape. After washing, the lamellas must be dried thoroughly while observing the temperature conditions and, if necessary, ironed.

Order of reassembly

As already mentioned, in order to collect the blinds without difficulty, it is necessary to carefully remember all the details of the process of their analysis. However, they are only horizontal and rolled models.

With vertical slats everything is a little different, so it is better to adhere to the following order:

  • For convenience, it is best to mount on an already fixed eaves, since along with the blinds, hanging it can be difficult.
  • Runners must be positioned so that they are perpendicular to the window plane.
  • Each canvas is equipped with a special tongue. This tongue must be inserted into the clips or special clips in the sliders.
  • After the slats have been fixed in place, weights must be installed with fastening chains. They are located in the lower part of the canvases, in special pockets.
  • After all these manipulations, you need to check the functioning of the blinds. If they spin and move freely, the assembly is correct.

Helpful advice

Of course, there are many different recommendations for removing the blinds of one type or another, but there are some useful tips on the general points of this process. Take a closer look at them:

  1. In everything should be careful, it is best to do without sudden movements and idiots that can cause harm.
  2. When you need to trade at height, it is best to get a stepladder. Rise it should be so that the top of the blinds was at eye level. So you don't have to keep lifting your head and you will feel much less tired.
  3. When removing the individual parts, they should not be thrown on the floor or the windowsill as they can be lost, it is best not to be lazy, get off the ladder and carefully place it on the table.
  4. If necessary, it is best to use special tools. Do not replace them with improvised kitchen gadgets, such as cutlery, as this can also damage the product.

Perhaps this only affects the general points of this process. By following all of the tips above and taking into account the specifics of each type of product, you can easily remove them. After removing all the impurities, put them in order and return them to their place.