What do you usually do at Easter

How do you celebrate easter

Time flies by. Just now Christmas and New Year's Eve, then everything is decorated and before you know it, you can decorate for Easter.

Who is still celebrating Easter? Does anyone still go to church?

For kids, this is the time to look forward to almost as much as it is to Christmas. Some get almost as many presents at Easter. In other families only the eggs are painted, hidden and searched for.

And then there are the families who go to church at Easter. You are celebrating, what are you celebrating?
Many don't even know this anymore. When asked in the city what is celebrated at Easter, many answered, the birth of Jesus.
It's actually a shame that this story has been forgotten.
Then I always ask myself, what are they celebrating at Christmas?

For my part, I enjoy spending time with my family. Go to church, to the Easter bonfire, look for colored eggs with my nieces or paint them.

And how do you celebrate, or rather, how do you celebrate Easter? What are you doing at Easter? Looking for eggs, an Easter bonfire or just opening presents?

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