What is the full form of open

It remains to be seen whether the question remains open

Don't look too long for an in-depth statement from this title! There is none. The title is only intended to illustrate a small spelling question that comes up regularly.


I know that questions “remain open”. But do I also write: “It remains to be seen whether the question”?


Dear Ms. W.,

the answer is no. Separate spelling is correct here:

It remains to be seen whether the question ...

With some separable verbs, the separable part can come first in a main clause before the inflected verb form (in the "Vorfeld"; see here). You then write separately. Here are three examples with the verbs stand firm, to be added and drive back:

What is certain is that ...
In addition, ...
We drive back via B.

The separate spelling results indirectly from § 34 of the official spelling regulation, because this sentence position is not mentioned there in the forms to be written together:

§ 34: Particles, adjectives, nouns or verbs can form compounds that can be separated with verbs as verb attachments. They are only written together in the infinitives, the participles and in the subordinate clause at the end of the verb.

Since this question comes up again and again, I wrote something about it before. There you will also find a reason why the summary is not provided here.

With best regards

Dr. Bopp

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