What is religion minus theology

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Why is it worth teaching religion?

Do I have to be in church to become a religion teacher?

... what if I am Catholic?

Is the subject NC-free?

Do I have to believe everything that is in the Bible?

Where can I teach religion later?

For which types of schools can I study religion to become a teacher?

Do I have to know Latin to become a teacher of religion?

For the course High school teaching position you need the Latinum and another "old" language, namely Greek or Hebrew. You can learn the languages ​​directly with us at the Theological Faculty - in small courses and with additional support from revision courses!

For the Secondary school teacher as Reason- and special school neither Latin nor any other foreign language is required. Nevertheless, these courses are not simply "high school teaching posture minus languages"! You should think carefully about which type of school you choose - "I'm not in the mood for old languages" is a poor basis for decision-making ;-)

If you have any doubts, the academic advisory service (see below) will be happy to help you with your decision.

What can I combine religion with as a subject?

How is the course structured?

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