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Atlassian Update 2020: Atlassian will discontinue the server lineup in 2024.

Why is the server line being discontinued?

Atlassian wants to become a “cloud-first company” and is now focusing on the products Data center and Cloud. As a result, Atlassian expects to be able to respond better and faster to changing customer requirements.

What changes have been announced?

For all Server products:

In order to offer a first-class cloud experience, Atlassian is discontinuing the sale of new licenses for the server offering and the Atlassian apps on 02/02/2021. Anyone who has acquired or already has licenses by then can continue to operate their Atlassian instances (Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, etc.) without problems until 02/02/2024. Atlassian will also continue to guarantee maintenance and support during this period. However, there will be no further development of the platform (e.g. new functions). The prices for the server products will also be increased. This is intended, inter alia. a smooth migration z. B. can be guaranteed in the Atlassian Cloud. The new prices for server renewals & updates can be found here.

For Data Center Products:

For existing data center customers nothing will change apart from the announced price increase. For existing server customers, switching to the Data Center option is associated with the least amount of migration effort. The data center licenses only have to be imported. A further development of the data center platform will also be actively promoted in the coming years. In addition, better integration options with the cloud products are to be created.

Which products are End of Sales and Support valid for?

End of sale and support apply to:

  • Jira Software Server
  • Jira Core Server
  • Jira Service Desk Server
  • Confluence Server
  • Bitbucket Server
  • Crowd server
  • Bamboo server
  • Atlassian-made apps *
  • Atlassian Marketplace Partner Server Apps *

*Please note that the final date for purchasing apps depends on a number of factors, including whether you are a new or existing customer, whether the app was created by Atlassian or a Marketplace partner, and whether the app is in a data center Subscription will be included.


  • For Fisheye and Crucible you can still purchase new licenses, which remain in a maintenance mode.
  • New server licenses for Bamboo can still be purchased, but a data center version of Bamboo is in progress. As soon as further details are known, Bamboo Server customers will be notified.
Are server products being further developed or maintained?

Between the 02.02.2021 and the 02.02.2022 there will still be support (database, browser, Java) and bug fixes for server products. After this 02.02.2022 it will be available until the end of the support period on March 02.02.2024 however, only security bug fixes for critical security gaps are given. After that date, your server products will no longer be supported. In addition, no further product updates will be published.

What are the options?

Migration to the cloud (recommended)

By migrating to the cloud, you can lower costs, reduce the risk of downtime and security issues, and focus on innovation rather than maintenance. Feel free to contact us, we will support you in finding the optimal solution! Arrange a free consultation here.

Migration to data center

For server customers who cannot or do not want to switch to the cloud, we recommend migrating to Data Center.

Stay on one instance with a server or data center

You can use the next 3 years until the server support finally expires in 2024 to work out a migration plan to the cloud or data center together with us.