What are the best books of World War II

National Socialism and World War II

If you want to learn something about National Socialism, be it about the Holocaust or the war, this is the right place. In this category there are many books on the subject of National Socialism and World War II.

In these genres, Piper Verlag publishes books on the topic:

- non-fiction books
- biographies
- Fiction

The majority of the books on offer fall into the non-fiction category. They deal with time as a whole or with certain aspects, such as the birth of life or hatred of Jews. The biographies about Goebbels and Hitler as well as the memoirs of those affected are absolutely worth reading. Other authors deal with the topic in exciting novels: like the classic "Das Boot" by Lothar-Günther Buchheim, which was successfully made into a film.

Books about National Socialism and World War II: Gripping and harrowing

Books about National Socialism are shocking and gripping, they do not let the reader go that easily. In "The Tattooist of Auschwitz", Heather Morris tells the true story of Lale Sokolov. It tells of the horrors of the Holocaust, but also of deep love. Just like the books by Max Mannheimer or Ronen Steinke about a Berlin concentration camp. It is an important document of the times.

The philosopher and publicist Hannah Arendt is one of the most important authors at Piper Verlag. Her thinking changed the world and she is represented with a selection of works, for example “Thinking Diary” or “Myself, I dance too”. If you want to find out something about the way the Wehrmacht thinks, read “Comrades” by Felix Römer.