How did you cause your divorce

Divorce process

Compulsory lawyer:

If you have completed the year of separation, your lawyer can submit the application for divorce to the locally competent family court. Since a lawyer is required before the family court, you have to hire a lawyer. The lawyer can also be commissioned online. Online divorce is a particularly straightforward and quick way to achieve your goal. The application for divorce is to be combined with a declaration of the matters ensuing from the divorce. If you submit that there are no consequences of the divorce that need to be settled or that you have made an agreement on the consequences of divorce, the court can resolve the annulment of your registered civil partnership.

Implementation of pension adjustment:

The court must initiate the pension adjustment ex officio. To do this, they will send you an official form in which you both have to provide information about your pension. If a life partner is better off, he must share his pension entitlements. However, you can also amicably regulate the pension equalization in a divorce consequences agreement.

Consensual or litigation divorce:

It depends on whether your partner agrees to your application for divorce or not, or vice versa, whether you agree to your partner's application for divorce or not. If your partner agrees to your divorce petition, you will be divorced without any problems. Your life partner does not need to hire their own lawyer to do this. If your partner does not agree to your divorce petition, the judge cannot decide on the divorce and will adjourn the appointment. However, after three years at the latest, you can be finally divorced against the will of your partner.

Payment of advance court costs:

When filing the application for divorce, you must pay an advance on court costs. Only then will the court deliver your application for divorce to your partner. Your lawyer will also ask for an advance payment. If your income is low, you can combine the divorce application with an application for state legal aid and, last but not least, make the divorce dependent on legal aid being granted to you.

Oral divorce appointment:

If the prerequisites appear clear, the court will set an oral hearing. To do this, he will order you to appear in person. The judge can only dispense with this in special exceptional cases. In the appointment, the judge will ask if you both want to get divorced. If everything is clear, he can decide to terminate your civil partnership. However, if you are in a dispute over a divorce consequence, the judge will consider whether he will decide to terminate your civil partnership independently and negotiate the dispute over the divorce result separately. In the worst case, he will adjourn the appointment. If a partner is negotiating a dispute, he must hire and pay his own lawyer.