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Photo studio at home: how to take photos like a pro

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Your passion is photography and you would like to really use the time you have gained to take great photos like a professional at home? We'll tell you how you can set up your own photo studio for photography at home - without extensive equipment or a large budget, whether in the basement or in the family's living room.

Because as a hobby photographer you don't need a softbox or beauty dish for your own photo studio, just natural light, a window and of course your favorite person as a model.

Tip 1 - Use the incoming light at the window

If you want to set up a small photo studio for your photo shoot at home, you don't necessarily need a professional softbox, but first of all a window. This should ideally point north. Then you can take pictures in your apartment or house in daylight without the sun being dazzling or causing harsh shadows.

This so-called beauty light flatters the face and makes it look harmonious in the picture. With soft light you can create optimal lighting conditions for digital photography in the home studio. It evenly illuminates the face and does not create shadows on the image.

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Tip 2 - play with the perspectives

This is how you proceed at home in your own photo studio in order to produce great pictures with simple means like a professional photographer:

  • Choose a larger window with alignment North out to capture natural light for your studio.
  • Put the person you want to photograph by the window so that they can looks sideways out of the house. The face is evenly illuminated by the permanent light.
  • Let your model be his again and again Change position and, for example, look directly into the camera or at a completely different point in the room.
  • You can create different photos with the settings of your camera, but in principle you can also use the natural light in your own photo studio at home without any problems with the automatic function work. Due to the bright light from the window you need to do this type of photography very often no flash at allwhich makes a portrait all the more flattering and personal.

Extra tip: The person photographed should do not look completely away from the window. This would mean that the side facing away from the camera would appear very dark. With a little experience, however, this can of course also be used specifically as a stylistic device in order to create a certain mood in the image.

Tip 3 - Simply lighten dark areas of the face

Do you succeed in your personal photo studio If you do not have to illuminate both halves of your model's face equally in your house, you can help yourself with a simple tip without having to buy the expensive equipment of professional photographers such as a softbox. You only need one for your own photo studio White styrofoam platethat you can find cheaply in any hardware store.

While the professional photographer uses reflectors or umbrellas in this case to get a little more light into the face, you simply hold your Styrofoam sheet next to the half of your face that is too dark. It reflects the light from the window and that The face appears lighter overall. A white wall nearby would have the same effect, but with the plate you are a little more flexible in the room. So you can use the light from outside in your home, do without the flash and also get that in the room facing half of the face an even illumination.

Extra tip: Those who take photos without a tripod don't have a free hand. If you can't work in pairs, just leave yours Model take the plate in hand and hold it right. In the case of a portrait, this cannot be seen later in the picture.

Tip 4 - darken the white background

If the Background is too light, the motif no longer stands out from it. The human eye is trained to direct its gaze to where the light is. If the background and the person being photographed appear bright, the eye no longer knows where to look.

In order to still create a dark background on your set, you can use the Simply reuse the styrofoam plate. You set this up behind your model during the photo shoot, for example with a tripod. Cover the plate with one plain background ab - it can be black, but another, muted color such as red is also conceivable. A length of fabric or simply a black shirt is suitable for this.

If you take a photo now, your model is still well exposed. At the same time, however, the dark background ensures that the light face stands out better and comes into its own. As a photographer, it is best to make sure that light also comes from above, because this leaves that The photographed person's hair shimmers slightlyso that even dark hair stands out from the dark background.

Extra tip: If you want to take professional photos regularly in your photo studio, you can Lay out two styrofoam sheets in white and black. To do this, you can simply paint the light-colored plate with black tinting paint.

Tip 5 - make something of it!

During a photo shoot like this at home, you will certainly quickly notice that an incredible number of photos will accumulate on your camera's memory card. So that you don't lose track, we have put together valuable tips in this post on how to best sort and organize your photos.

And what happens after that? Turn your most beautiful pictures from your home photo studio into a professional photo book that shows your skills and that you can proudly show to your family or friends. Or you can opt for classic photo prints in various formats. The decision is entirely up to you - the main thing is that your masterpiece is not forgotten on your memory card.

Have you already tried our tips and turned your home into a true photo studio? Tell us about it and write it in the comments! 💙

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