How do I sleep well with noise

If you hear this sound, fall asleep right away!

Around 80 percent of employed Germans suffer from insomnia. This is based on an examination of the DAK health. Even those who usually slumber like a baby have already experienced it: endless tossing and turning in bed, endless carousels of thought, street noise, ticking clocks, sudden startles at night. The next day we feel tired and weak. Now there is a solution to successfully break this fateful cycle of exhaustion and insomnia - and that without medication or elaborate sleep rituals: The 1.09 euro app “White Noise” brings us to sleep thanks to its gentle noise. So easy, so effective!

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Why white noise makes you wonderfully tired

And this is how the app works: White noise is basically a monotonous noise that remains uniform across all frequencies. And that for hours. It could be the rotating blades of a fan, the gentle rain pounding on the tent roof (die-hard campers know exactly how good this works) or the humming of aircraft engines during a night flight. White noise is monotonous, predictable and incredibly boring. And this is exactly what helps our brain to switch off after a short time and finally sleep well again.

Don't just fall asleep, sleep through the night

Often it is noise that keeps us from falling asleep, whether it is “loud thoughts” or annoying noises in the house or on the street. Since the brain is on constant alert even at night, such disturbances increase blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn creates tension and thus poor sleep. White noise covers us like a soft blanket, is finally classified in the subconscious as "harmless" and thus faded out.

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Works from the first night

Anyone who is skeptical about the fact that monotonous noise should be the solution to many sleep problems will find numerous apps (e.g. Noizo) with very different intoxication scenes for every taste to try out. The simplest trick, however, is to turn on the good old fan when you go to bed. Whether digital or analog - the effect can be felt from the very first night. Without side effects, of course.

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