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Jennifer Lopez: With ambition to the top


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Jennifer Lopez: With ambition to the top

It can't be beauty alone that made Jennifer Lopez her breathtaking career. With talent, the right amount of luck, but above all incredible discipline and boundless ambition, the Latina from New York has worked her way up to one of the most successful singers and actresses of the present. "All or nothing" is therefore her motto in life.

As a child, the daughter of an engineer and a teacher from the New York borough of Bronx seems to have been a real whirlwind. At the age of four she made her parents' living room her stage and got it into her head that one day she would become famous and something very special. Mom and Dad first registered the tormentor in a dance school.

From the dance school to the stage

The first steps as a mini ballerina laid the foundation for Lopez's further career. She became a professional musical dancer, appeared in "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Oklahoma" and toured Europe with the show "The Golden Musicals of Broadway".

But Jennifer wouldn't be Jennifer if she'd been happy with it. She began to study acting and a year later won the casting for a coveted role in the American comedy show "In Living Color". Other small TV parts followed.

Coppola makes it possible

Jennifer Lopez made the leap to Hollywood after director and producer Francis Ford Coppola became aware of the attractive actress. He hired her for the critically acclaimed feature film "My Family", in which La Lopez made her cinema debut as a young mother. However, her breakthrough came in 1997 with the music film "Selena". The embodiment of the Latin American singer not only earned Lopez a Golden Globe nomination, he also awakened her desire to go to the recording studio herself.

Off to the recording studio

In 1998 Jennifer Lopez began recording her debut album "On the 6", for which she won a Grammy award and several MTV awards. The first single "If you had my love" even topped the charts for weeks.

With two more movie hits - the gangster comedy "Out of sight" starring George Clooney and the psychological thriller "The cell" - the Latina impressively proved that she cannot be pigeonholed either as the singing actress or the acting singer.

"J.Lo." is born

In 2001 Lopez continued to focus on her musical career. The album "J.Lo" - in future at the same time her self-chosen nickname and trademark of a fashion and fragrance collection - easily climbed to number 1 on the US hit parade. With her remix album "J To Tha L-O" and the second disc with new titles, "This is me ... then", she went one better in 2002. The album stayed in the charts for 14 weeks and the single "Jenny from the block" hit the radio stations up and down.

Diva or nice girl?

With growing success, Jennifer Lopez has earned a reputation for being a true diva. As a luxury creature with innumerable special requests, which basically travels with 20 employees, it is said to have brought many hotel managers to the verge of madness. In interviews, however, she always values ​​being the nice girl from the Bronx who has not forgotten her origins. Let's believe it ...

Finally under the hood

The singer and actress had to experience several times that the success also has its downsides. During her relationship with colleague Ben Affleck, she filled the gossip columns of the rainbow press almost every day. The engagement broke up allegedly because the two could no longer stand the hustle and bustle of the upcoming wedding.

In 2004 Lopez made it under the hood. She is married to Latin singer Marc Anthony in her third marriage. In 2008 twins were born. Since 2011 Anthony and Lopez are separated again.

J.Lo is Jenny again

In terms of career, everything is still going smoothly. In addition to her music career, Jennifer Lopez has shot several comedies, including "The Monster-in-Law" with Jane Fonda. When asked what she was afraid of, the Latina, who recently started to prefer to be called Jenny instead of J.-Lo, once answered in an interview: "Before I die before I have achieved everything I set out to do have." Well, then we still have a lot to expect.

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