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Four things that most Disney movies have in common

It's amazing that after 80 years, Disney is still able to create original and innovative films. If you take a closer look, you'll find that most of these films, besides a fairy tale story and animated characters with precise moral ideas, have a few things in common. Read on to find out what your favorite childhood (and adult) movies have in common.

1. Missing mothers
Have you ever noticed that almost every major character in a Disney movie doesn't have a mother? Snow white,The icequeen,Bambi,Beauty and the Beast... they all share this fact. The mother, and often the father, of the main character dies at the beginning of the film or does not appear at all. This might be a purely practical decision as Disney stories are all about growing up. And who is forced to grow up faster than orphans? The lack of mothers can also be traced back to Walt Disney's own past. Disney bought his parents a house in the early 1940s. Sadly, his mother died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the same house a year later. Even the producer of Lion King, Don Hahn, noted that Walt Disney deliberately did not include the maternal characters in the stories. The reason for this is probably a feeling of guilt towards his mother.

2. Secret code
You probably want everyone Disney Watch the Pixar film again and try to discover the secret code: A113. This code is on a license plate in Toy story to see on the diving camera in Find Nemo, on an airplane in Cars, on a classroom door in The monster university, as a code in Wall-E ... we stop here, because we don't want to spoil the fun of your search. However, this code also appears in animated television programs such as in The simpsons. Wondering what this code is all about? It's a gag of American animators; A113 is the number of the California Institute of Arts, where many great animators learned their craft.

Source: Marciodisneyarchives.nl

3. Names
A characteristic which most Disney-Films share, the symbolism is in the names. Most of the names are not chosen at random and match the character in question. A few names and their meanings are:

  • Lilo (Lilo & Stitch): a Hawaiian name that means something like “the generous one.” Lilo is so kind and offers Stitch a place in her home and family.

  • Pumbaa (Lion King): means something like "foolish, carefree" in Swahili. Well, Pumbaa can act like an elephant in a china shop.

  • Lumière (Beauty and the Beast): perhaps the most obvious name. Lumière means “light” in French. Pretty good name for a candle.

  • Mufasa (Lion King): the name of Simba's father means "king" in Manazoto.

  • Bambi (Bambi): means "child" in Italian.

  • Fabius, in English Flounder, (Arielle the mermaid): is a very special type of fish. Its original English name also means "difficulty swimming". That goes very well with this clumsy little fish.

  • Wall-E (Wall-E): this name actually refers to "Walter Elias Disney".

4. Hidden Easter Eggs

Disney and Pixar took their animation to a whole new level. All films are interwoven. Disney proved this with a short film. For example in the case of Monster Inc. In this film, a doll is out Toy story seen in a nursery. In the same film, Sully receives a Finding Nemo toy from Boo. In Ratatouille, one of the shadows of rats is actually not a rat, but that of a dog. It's dating the dog named Dug Above. In the ice queen, Rapunzel and Flynn appear as guests at Elsa's coronation. Finally, in Merida, find a carving by Sully in the woods. The best thing to do is watch the film again to see these connections with your own eyes.

Source: Hollywood.com

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