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Technology as limitless as a child's imagination.

The power and flexibility of the iPad gives students the freedom to develop and express new ideas - regardless of when and where something inspires them. The Mac has the power to bring your greatest ideas to life. And integrated apps and intuitive software create an incredibly personal learning experience for all students that can be as unique as they are.

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iPadThe perfect computer for studying doesn't look like a computer.

The iPad is designed to be able to move and express completely freely. With great apps and advanced built-in technology, iPad can be anything students imagine. It has the power to make everything you dream of. And it is so intuitive to use that you can get started with your idea straight away.

For a more powerful and productive iPad. Based on the same fundamentals as iOS, the iPad enables a truly unique experience. With powerful apps that were developed for the large multi-touch display. A browsing experience in Safari on the iPad as on a desktop computer, so that web apps work exactly as usual. Newly designed widgets in the "Today" view that display more information directly on the home screen. New smart stacks that allow students to create collections of widgets that appear when the time is right. And new improvements like sidebars and pop-up menus that give teachers and students access to additional app functions.

Packed with advanced technology. Still child's play.

Multi-TouchSo intuitive that students don't have to learn anything.

As soon as students pick up an iPad, they can use it. And get started right away with tap, swipe, and drag & drop. You move texts, photos and documents like professionals, regardless of whether you are just learning to spell or drawing complex trigonometry functions. Multi-Touch is simply an incredibly fascinating and responsive experience that makes students of all learning styles enthusiastic about what they do. Whatever is being taught.

Accessibility Made to make everyone strong.

Like all of our products, the iPad has a variety of features that all students benefit from. Underneath speak screen content that supports reading with audio. VoiceOver describes exactly what is happening on their device for blind or visually impaired students. Guided access and Safari Reader help you stay focused. And the magnifying glass now works with Split View too, so you can zoom in on an object on one side of the screen and take notes on the other at the same time.

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  • eyesight
  • Motor skills
  • Hearing ability
  • Cognitive abilities

The power to do anything.

At most, you would have expected that from a desktop computer.

When students get an iPad, they are seeing incredible performance. You can edit a 4K video during the break. Build the 3D model of a steam engine. Or conduct a virtual orchestra to create the soundtrack for a presentation on classical music. And the new iPad with iPadOS 14 is even more powerful and versatile and supports the Apple Pencil even better.

Productivity Work in multiple apps. Simultaneously. Edit with one touch.

Sometimes you need more than just an app to learn. iPadOS makes the iPad more versatile through new possibilities to work with multitasking and apps in several windows. Students can write an essay about a book in Pages and read something in the novel in Books while both apps are active in Split View. Or they can research the life cycle of butterflies in Safari while drawing the larval stage in Keynote. With Slide Over, you always have all the apps you need at your fingertips. With the Dock, you can access your favorite or recently used apps and projects and quickly switch between them. Students use drag & drop to move their content from one app to another. And new intuitive gestures make it easy to edit content with just your fingers.

SafariWeb Apps work as always.

Surfing the Internet on the iPad is as impressive as holding the Internet in your own hands. Safari can now even translate websites in seven languages ​​(beta). And with the powerful new features of Safari in iPadOS, browsing feels like you're on a computer. Desktop versions of websites like Google Docs and WordPress work exactly the same on the iPad. And the Download Manager allows you to view and manage downloaded files.

Augmented Reality. Explaining the world. With a new way of seeing them.

Augmented Reality on the iPad can change the way students learn about and interact with their environment. The classroom can be made into a cosmos and a history lesson can be made as alive as the present by restoring ancient artifacts. But everyday objects can also be looked at to understand how they are put together. The iPad is made for on the go and packed full of advanced technologies such as accelerometers, powerful cameras and an operating system that has been specifically optimized for augmented reality. All of this makes for an experience that is simply not possible on other platforms.

Sketch thoughts, type lines, capture moments.

Apple PencilFor spontaneous thoughts, ideas or masterpieces.

The Apple Pencil feels familiar and yet opens up completely new possibilities for using the iPad1. It combines an incredible range of tools and effects in a single tool. Writing with the Apple Pencil feels even more like writing on paper thanks to iPadOS. This makes it perfect for taking notes, recording observations on excursions, shading detailed illustrations, annotating documents and websites, and everything else that students or teachers have to do.

The Apple Pencil can be a pen, a brush, pastel chalk, and much more. Its sophisticated sensors for pressure and tilt can achieve the same subtle effects. And its super-fast response makes for a fluid, all-natural experience. Schoolchildren can do everything - from calligraphy to technical drawings, from smudging to etching, from watercolors to oil painting. Like on real paper, but with a lot more options. Students can even draw perfect geometric shapes by pausing for a moment after drawing.

Thanks to the powerful functions of the Apple Pencil, students can easily write and draw directly in any Pages, Numbers or Keynote document. And teachers can instantly add their own notes to these documents, with PDFs, photos, web pages and more.

There is a lot to see.

And to make of it.

On a single device, students can capture a moment, inspiration or scene and start working with it immediately. Regardless of whether you are filming your science projects for the school website or editing a documentary for the history class. And the FaceTime camera makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with others.

KeyboardsFor those who prefer to key letters.

The on-screen keyboard is always available for replying to emails or taking notes. If desired, a real keyboard can also be used1 be used. And with iPadOS there are even more ways to use both as you like.

Designed to follow ideas. Wherever they lead.

Designed for on the go.

And all challenges.

The iPad is incredibly thin and weighs less than 500 g. It is easy enough for students to: move around freely with it in the classroom or take it with them on an adventure outside of school. And it's robust too - with an aluminum unibody housing that can withstand real practical learning.

Battery Lasts from the first hour to homework.

The battery life of up to 10 hours2, enables students to be productive and creative all day with the iPad. You can do field research, sketch your project and finally submit it without having to charge your device in between.

Think free. Stay connected.

Super-fast 802.11ac WiFi means that students can access their assignments and projects no matter what classroom they are in. You can call up websites immediately when teachers share them, stream a video tutorial without interruption, work together on documents and even submit multimedia projects immediately.

iCloud and files Lots of space for lots of school projects.

iCloud stores all students' documents and projects securely and ensures that they are always up-to-date, protected and accessible from all devices. And with a managed Apple ID, all teachers and students get 200 GB of free iCloud storage space inside. You can also collaborate easily and quickly with other people in the school. You simply send them a private link that gives them instant access to the shared folders and files.

iPadOS has powerful ways to view and edit files. With the Files app, all work is organized and easy to find in one place, regardless of whether it is stored in the cloud, on the iPad or even on a USB drive. Students can access their files from anywhere. iPadOS enables quick actions such as commenting and rotating files and compressing and unpacking ZIP archives.

The special thing about the iPad is that it can be whatever it should be.

Apps turn the iPad into a laboratory, a film studio, a time machine, even a spaceship. Whether free apps developed by Apple for doing and being creative or thousands of learning apps in the App Store - no matter what task or topic it is about, there is always an app that makes it even more interesting.

Integrated apps Ready for creativity.

From the first touch.

The iPad is packed with apps developed by Apple to take full advantage of its advanced technologies such as the multi-touch display, camera and accelerometer. iMovie complements stories with moving images. With GarageBand, any student can be in a band without ever playing an instrument. And Pages turns written reports into interactive digital books, complete with photos and illustrations.

A world of apps to discover, explore and be creative.

The App Store has thousands of apps specially developed for the iPad by software developers from the education sector. Students discover how their world is structured - by touching, pulling apart and rotating molecules or by adding a digital virtual creation to the real world with augmented reality. Apps and services like Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 and Dropbox also work great on the iPad.

  • AR macr
  • Canvas student
  • GeoGebra 3D calculator
  • IXL
  • Lexia Core5 Reading
  • Minecraft Education Edition
  • Molecules by Theodore Gray
  • Plantale

Tools for educatorsApps to harness the power of technology. In class and at home.

We have developed tools to make it easier for teachers to teach their students how to use devices and apps in the classroom. In addition, they give them valuable insights into the progress of individual students. This allows teachers to concentrate on what is important: teaching.

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More for TeachersInspiration that helps you inspire.

We have developed programs to help teachers learn from one another. We also provide them with materials that will make them safer to use iPad and Mac. We have also set up initiatives to highlight the pioneers in the field of education. And all of this for one goal: to support teachers in teaching even better.

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Tests and evaluations.

Full marks for the iPad too.

With the assessment mode, iPad and Mac are secure devices to prepare students for intermediate and final exams including standardized assessments. Both devices allow formative learning assessments to be carried out and these are easy to incorporate into your specifications. There are also a number of formative learning apps that you can use to assess students' long-term progress on their way to these exams.

Mac performance for the really big things.

For decades, the world's leading engineers, scientists, artists, designers and musicians have relied on the possibilities of the Mac. From which students can also benefit. With the Apple M1 chip and macOS Big Sur, the Mac now offers more powerful graphics and processors, a quiet, fanless design, advanced hard drives and memory, and a breathtaking Retina display. This is how teachers and students can create great things.

Can do everything. Weighs nothing.

Powerful computing power. Without a big computer.

The M1 brings incredible performance, special technologies, and industry-leading energy efficiency to the Mac. It has an 8-core CPU for a big leap in processor performance, up to an 8-core GPU for impressive graphics performance, and a 16-core neural engine for powerful machine learning (ML) performance. And all of this is in an incredibly thin and lightweight design so that students and teachers can work with it almost anywhere.

Speed ​​and ResponsivenessWake up instantly.

macOS Big Sur was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the M1's capabilities and power. You wake up from hibernation immediately, apps start in a flash and the entire system runs quickly and smoothly, giving students and teachers direct access to their work - without waiting.

Battery battery for the whole day.

The Mac offers unparalleled performance in an incredibly thin design and still has enough battery to last all day - up to 18 hours.2 In this way, teachers and students can simply keep building, designing, developing and composing without being tied to the nearest power socket.

Keyboard and trackpad for even more precision.

On the normal-sized illuminated Magic Keyboard with ambient light sensors, you can write and program incredibly comfortably and precisely. Unlike other notebooks, you can click anywhere on the Mac's large Force Touch trackpad. Based on intuitive gestures like zooming in and out and subtle differences in pressure, it always knows what to do.

Apps to get you started. And apps for the next level.

Every Mac comes with powerful built-in apps for productivity and creativity. And with the power of the M1, you can use iPhone and iPad apps directly in macOS Big Sur and access the largest collection of apps for the Mac that has ever existed. Rosetta 2 can run apps that have not yet been updated to Universal Format. And graphically sophisticated apps for creativity, collaboration and productivity run even better.

Professional Apps Turn small projects into large productions.

The Mac gives students more opportunities to develop professional skills. Apps developed by Apple such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are perfect for anyone who does video editing and music. And qualified institutions get them at a special price. Programmers can use Xcode to develop their own apps. And third-party apps like Microsoft 365, Photoshop, and AutoCAD work great on the Mac too.

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Logic Pro
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft 365
  • AutoCAD

Integrated apps Ready to design, calculate, communicate and illustrate.

With Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, and Photos, every Mac is instantly ready to be creative. Essays on books and homework look great. Tables visualize data impressively. Students have a kind of studio in which they can research and present any idea. And teachers get everything they need to create exciting assignments and beautiful materials.

  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • iMovie
  • photos
  • GarageBand

Thousands of ways to discover more.

M1 and macOS Big Sur make it possible to access iPhone and iPad apps and discover thousands more apps from developers for the education sector.In this way, students and teachers can go deeper into almost any topic.

An idea. On all of your devices.

The Mac alone does a lot. But when students use it with other Apple devices, it does even more. You can take a picture on your iPhone or start an idea on an iPad and improve it on your Mac. iCloud stores all documents, apps and projects. And ensures that they are up-to-date, secure and accessible from all authorized Apple devices.

Apple TV Makes great ideas huge.

Connecting an Apple TV to an HD television or projector opens up new opportunities to collaborate with students. Teachers can guide them through a lesson while moving freely around the classroom to provide individual support. Or they encourage students to share their work, which they can do right away from their own iPad or Mac.

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More for TeachersGood teachers never stop learning. And we support you in this.

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is a free, self-paced professional development program. This enables teachers to develop their skills with the iPad and Mac, apply them directly in the classroom and also receive recognition for what they have learned.

Resources for teachers

Get tutorials and lesson ideas, and talk to fellow teachers about how iPad and Mac can be used to stimulate creativity and improve the learning experience.

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Data protection is in everything we do.

Our business model is not based on violating our customers' privacy or making money with their data. We particularly protect the privacy of the students who use our products. Where you take the iPad with you, which websites you visit and the apps you use - these are personal data. And we're not interested in that. That's why our education products, such as Apple School Manager, Schoolwork, and Managed Apple IDs, have built-in privacy features and controls. We do not sell student data and never share it with third parties. Nor do we monitor students or create profiles based on their e-mails or their surfing behavior.

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