Who can appear for the PTE test

DAAD tests

Registrations from students from other universities (as the three Potsdamers) and from external interested parties are unfortunately not possible.

Fee statute

The DAAD tests are exclusively for students of the three universities in Potsdam who apply for participation in a student exchange program or for an internship. The DAAD test 'diagnoses' existing competencies in listening and reading comprehension as well as in writing and speaking skills and certifies language skills for applying for participation in a student exchange program or for funding from scholarship providers for other programs. He can not for admission to a master’s degree can be used and does not replace the mandatory placement test in the English language area when taking English courses.

Registration takes place online in a Moodle course. ToDeregistration in the event of cancellation or non-participation you will find further information on the registration confirmation. Students who do not cancel at least five working days before the exam or who do not appear in the exam room on time for the start of the test will be banned from taking the tests for one year. In the event of absence through no fault of your own (court hearing, sudden illness), the person responsible for the test is the person responsible for the test IMMEDIATELY and to be informed in advance by submitting an official document and not only after a missed test date.

We ask for your understanding for this measure. It is necessary because in the past test places were repeatedly blocked to a large extent due to short-term cancellations, no-shows and delays.

You will receive your DAAD language certificate (DAAD certificate) after the test.

Test dates and registration for the test

The DAAD tests of the Zessko, GB Languages, Language Area English / Key Competences, generally take place every two weeks during the lecture period on Griebnitzsee campus instead of. As soon as appointments have been made, you will find them in the Moodle course Registration for DAAD tests, English and can register there as long as there are still free places.

After successfully registering for the Moodle course, we will send you a confirmation of registration and a request for payment for the test fee to your Uni-Potsdam e-mail address ([email protected]) one week before the test date.

Students at FHS Potsdam and FU Babelsberg can apply for an external Moodle account with their own email address and then register.

Instructions for preparing for the test

Please print out the "Language certificate for applicants from Germany" form, fill out the first page completely and the following pages above and bring it with you to the test along with your student ID.

Special preparation for the DAAD test is not required as it is a diagnostic test. However, it is advisable to read more, listen to the radio or watch TV in preparation, especially if you have not "moved" in the language for a long time.

Test content and procedure

Understanding hearing: is checked in the "Speaking" part of the test
Comprehensive reading: Original reading texts, approx. 600 words, answering written exercises to understand text and vocabulary, a total of 20 minutes
Write: Writing a short text of around 120 words on scientific, general language or exchange-related topics in 30 minutes
Speaking (oral expression and listening, if necessary): Free one-on-one interview on general, scientific and professional topics, duration: 10 minutes

- General language: learning languages, traveling, everyday university life
- Scientific: subjects, courses and subject-specific study content, specializations, subject terms
- Professional: Intended exchange, career opportunities, current research projects and studies

The test generally lasts a maximum of 2.5 hours, depending on how many students are taking part.

Recognition of alternative qualifications

Students who can show one of the following language certificates that are not older than two years are exempt from the DAAD test and can submit their application documents with the corresponding proof:

- UNIcert certificate, level III or IV
- TOEFL ibt, at least 110 points.
- IELTS, at least 7 points
- PTE Academic, at least 76 pts.
- TOEIC, at least 945 pts.
- Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency

Repetition of the DAAD test

Students who would like to repeat the DAAD test must present proof at the second test date that they have taken at least 60 teaching units (1 TU = 45 minutes) in English lessons in the meantime.

Staff at the University of Potsdam
Students at the Babelsberg Film University and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences

Student employees (SHK, WHK and tutors) of the University of Potsdam please register as described above. All other employees of the university as well as students or employees of the Babelsberg Film University and the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences should contact the English / Key Competencies department by email; You can find the contact details on the Employee side.