Use a travel agent

5 things to consider when choosing a travel agent

Would you like to travel? Do you know what to look for when choosing a travel agency?

We have put together a list of 5 important points that you need to pay attention to before booking a trip through a travel agency. A package tour means that your travel agent organizes flights as well as other services such as hotel and excursions.

1. Trips offered

Start by researching what trips the different travel agencies offer. Find out if the travel agent can offer exactly the trip you want. Does the trip include exactly the things that you would like to experience?

Some tour companies have the ability to more or less customize and tailor the trip you would like to take. Contact the travel agent to find out more about these options.

2. Reply from the travel agent

Once you've found a suitable trip, you can contact the travel agent for answers to your questions as well as information about the price. Submit a request through the travel agent's website, call the travel agent directly, or contact them in writing.

Some travel agencies offer inquiry forms on their website.

There you send the travel agent your details, whereupon he will send you an offer. It is important that the travel agency answers your request quickly, preferably within a few days, so that the rest of the process can be arranged and you can book your trip.

When you call the travel agent, pay attention to how you are treated on the phone.

Does the travel specialist give you a friendly greeting? Are you courteous and helpful and answer your questions?

It is very important that you can trust your travel specialist so that when you decide to go on one of their trips, you will be comfortable too.

Service level
Does the travel agent provide the service you need?

What service does the office offer you as a guest in connection with your trip? While some travel agents only give you practical information before you travel, the good travel agents will assist you both before, during and after your trip. This means that they make sure that everything is planned and ready before you leave so that you can concentrate fully on enjoying the trip without having to worry in between.

You should therefore inquire in advance what the service level is in the respective office before and during your trip, as travel agencies often differ greatly from one another, especially in this regard.

3. What does the trip include?

One of the most important parameters when it comes to choosing a travel agent is price. Be sure to look at the price in relation to what the trip actually involves. Is the price-performance ratio good?

Some travel agencies only indicate what is included in the trip, while others also offer a detailed daily program with pictures. This is where you need to make sure that the trip is well put together in relation to what you would like to experience.

Also note whether any flight taxes or transfer fees are included in the price. This must be evident on the website. If there are special prices for children or larger groups or if there are surcharges for single rooms, the travel agency must indicate this specifically.

4. Search for reviews

What experiences have others had with the travel agency? Use your network, your friends and your family.

In addition, you can see on review portals etc. what others say about the travel agency, hotel etc.:

TripAdvisor: Search for a specific hotel name and read reviews other guests have written about the hotel.

Trustpilot: Here you can read the reviews of other guests for the respective travel agency.

Facebook: Find the travel agent's Facebook page and see how the travel agent is doing on social media. Here you can find information about the number of likes or how many stars the travel agency has received. You can also read reviews from other travelers and any questions that might come from other potential guests.

Google: Find the travel agent on Google and find out information about the office and your trip yourself.

By reading the reviews and experiences of other travelers, you can more easily judge if this is a travel agent you would like to travel with.

5. Travel Guarantee

The travel agency determines whether it would like to offer its guests a travel guarantee.

When a travel agent offers a travel guarantee, it means that once you have booked your trip is safe. So there is no minimum number of bookings for a specific date that depends on whether the trip actually takes place. This is an additional service that some travel agents use as the travel guarantee also helps increase customer confidence. If a travel agent offers the travel guarantee, it should usually be apparent on the travel agent's website, or you should be advised of this when you call your travel specialist.

Good Trip!