Bicycles Why do cyclists drive red lights?

The catalog of fines for the bicycle: run over the red light

Fines - cycling over a red light

violationPointsFine (euro)
Ridden through a red light on my bike160.-
... with danger1100.-
... resulting in an accident or damage to property1120.-
Ridden my bike through a red light that glowed red for more than a second1100.-
... with danger1160.-
... resulting in an accident or damage to property1180.-

In a nutshell: Disregard the red traffic light on the bike

What threatens if cyclists run over a red traffic light?

If cyclists disregard a red traffic light, they must expect a point in Flensburg and pay between 60 and 180 euros, depending on the severity of the violation.

What are the effects of the duration of the red phase?

If a bicycle is driven over a red traffic light, the duration of the red display applies to the amount of the penalty, as is the case with a motor vehicle. If the traffic light has been red for longer than a second, the fine increases.

Does such a red light violation have any consequences for the driver's license?

A red light violation on the bike can affect the driver's license. Since there are points here, too much in the account can lead to the withdrawal of the driver's license.

Red traffic light by bike: how to behave properly

In most cases, that is Catalog of fines for cyclists Much milder than that for drivers. The much bigger one Hazard potential of cars or trucks is reflected in traffic law through higher penalties and stricter regulations.

For a pedestrian it's a big one indeed, partly vital differencewhether it is hit by a car, a truck or a bicycle.

But cyclists should therefore not too sure think: the catalog of fines “Driving over a red traffic light by bike” is not characterized by indulgence.

There is a risk of red light violations by bicycle in 2021severe penalties for cyclists. The fines costs quickly 100 euros.

With the bicycle over the traffic light when it is red: A danger in traffic

If cyclists drive over a red light, this represents one massive intervention in ongoing traffic. In Germany, many road users rely almost blindly on the traffic lights - when they are green, they accelerate. If a bicycle passes the traffic light when it is red, drivers have to react fast and perform evasive maneuvers. In this situation, an accident quickly occurs. The fine is correspondingly high. Going through a red light on your bike also costs you Point in Flensburg!

If cyclists run over a red traffic light with their bike, a Traffic light flashers catch them. However, since bicycles do not have license plates, it is difficult to identify and track the offender.

How much is the fine? Going over a red light with a bike is expensive

As with cars, traffic law distinguishes between two types of red light violations:

  • The simple red light violation refers to the crossing of a red traffic light when this less than a second long glowed red
  • The qualified red light violation exists when the traffic light is already longer than a second Glowed red

The fine is adjusted depending on the violation. If there are neither hazards nor consequences of an accident, the fine varies between 60 euro for simple offense and 100 euros for ignoring a red traffic light that has been glowing red for a long time.

If there are no traffic lights on bike paths that are next to sidewalks, the following applies to cyclists Pedestrian lights for the bike. Failure to comply means a fine for the cyclist here as wellbetween 60 euros and 180 euros.

Bicycle and red light: is the driver's license gone in the event of violations?

If you ignore a red traffic light on your bike, the penalty according to the 2021 catalog of fines is one fine between 60 euros and 180 euros and one Point in Flensburg composed. As a rule, there is no driving ban or driving license withdrawal for cyclists.

Also motorist should be adapted to ride your bike: depending on how many points are already on your Flensburg account however, if you run over a red light, you can "overflow". The bicycle led to the violation - but it can Car license withdrawn become.

This happens if already seven points are in Flensburg. When eight full counters are reached, the Withdrawal of the driving license: You have to hand in your driver's license and leave the car in the garage.

You can find out how many by contacting the KBA free of charge Penalty points You have in Flensburg.

These are the consequences of violating the red light on a bicycle

With our free fine calculator you can work out the consequences for yourself:

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The catalog of fines for the bicycle: run over the red light
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