Ansys CFX is suitable for industrial purposes


Fluid dynamics analyzes for rotary machines

Regardless of the industry and for which application, the developers of turbo machines and fluidic systems are usually faced with the same major challenges. The relevant quantities of energy consumption and machine performance depend on numerous factors and even supposedly small details can have an enormous influence on efficiency.

ANSYS CFX is the leading CFD solver for flow simulation for turbines, impellers, compressors, pumps and other flow machines. CFX offers a variety of physical models and solver algorithms to easily and accurately solve the requirements for turbo machinery. In addition, ANSYS CFX offers the option of bidirectional integration with ANSYS Mechanical for modeling fluid-structure interactions in order to be able to explain both structural and thermal deviations.


Function overview

Solver technologies

  • A variety of accurate and efficient turbulence models
  • Heat transfer through conduction, convection and radiation
  • Radiation through fully and partially transparent media with wavelength dependence
  • Multi-phase calculation of gases, liquids, particles, drops and free surfaces
  • Fluid-structure interaction through coupling with ANSYS-Mechanical in Workbench
  • Chemical reactions and combustion including pollutant formation (soot, NOx ...)
  • Immersed Solid Method for the calculation of solid body movements in fluids
  • Blade flutter analyzes to determine aerodynamic damping
  • Forced response analyzes for structural responses from the pressure load


Areas of application

  • Design and optimization of fluid flow machines
  • Calculation of fluid-structure interactions
  • aerodynamics
  • Aeromechanics
  • Aerothermodynamics