Which are little boy's favorite toys

The right toy for your child

Good toys are "age-appropriate"

Toys should neither under- nor overstrain your child. What interests a child and what they can do with depends above all on what physical and mental abilities they are currently developing: While at one year the child usually doesn't know what to do with building blocks and prefers to put in drawers and other containers instead - and clear it out, six months later it will probably build towers out of anything that can be stacked.

In particular, avoid giving a toy “too early”, that is, before your child can really do something with it. Failure to play and disappointment cloud the joy of playing and can damage self-confidence.
To decide which toy is right for your child right now, watch your child play:

  • What is it doing most of the time and what is it about?
  • Where is it in its development, for example with regard to its fine motor skills (can it already operate the crank on the crane / open the button on the doll's dress itself?)?
  • How far is it in its understanding of the rules of the game?
  • What are its strengths, what is it particularly good at, and what might it have difficulties with?
  • What special interests does it have and what topics is it currently dealing with?

Age information on toys provides a rough guide, but remember: every child is different, takes its own development path, and children of the same age can be very different too.