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A penis that is too small does not actually exist or only very rarely. The average penis size is also shown differently in different studies that used different measurement methods. The length of the penis during an erection in Central Europe is between 13.5 and 14.5 cm. The penis size was determined by doctors during these examinations.

In principle, however, the following also applies: Men overestimate the importance of penis size for women! The decisive factor is not the size, but the function as well as the satisfaction with your own body and the resulting self-confidence! There is a very nice American study in which almost 1000 couples were asked about penis size. 80 percent of the men surveyed stated that their penis was too small. The respective partners rated this completely differently: only 7 percent of the partners found their partner's penis too small, 93 percent of the women surveyed were satisfied with the size of their partner's penis ...


It is also important to know that a colloquial distinction is made between "meat penis and blood penis". The "meat penis" already appears to be relatively large when not erect, but when erect it does not become much larger than when it is flaccid. The "blood penis" appears rather small when flaccid, but increases significantly in size and volume when erect.


If you have the impression that you do not feel your wife "enough" during sexual intercourse, this may be due to the good lubrication (moisture of the vagina) in your wife - which indicates strong sexual arousal. Perhaps your wife would like to do pelvic floor exercises to love you (but also to prevent a lowering of the bladder as a prophylactic measure). Strengthening the pelvic floor also increases the friction resistance during sexual intercourse - and both partners benefit from this!


We can only advise against the advertised "penis expanders"; No single serious scientific study has been able to prove a really positive effect of these so-called penis expanders on penis size. A reimbursement of costs for these expanders through private or statutory health insurance is also not possible.


We have the impression that your low self-esteem is causally responsible for the experiences you have had; could this be?


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