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Day room - what is it?
Advantages and disadvantages compared to a normal overnight stay

The wishes and needs of professionals and travelers are becoming more diverse. Hotels and pensions are facing a changing market.

Ten years ago it was enough to offer a simple room without much comfort, to work economically and to satisfy the guests. Today the demands of guests are higher and pensions, hotels and private individuals have reacted to this.

Day rooms are a result of the changing society. Businesses and private individuals are increasingly finding day rooms at a low price.

This type of rental has its origins in America and is also enjoying greater popularity in Germany. In this article we explain what a day room is and what advantages and disadvantages it has compared to a normal overnight room.

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The day room

Until now it was common for hotels and guest houses to offer their rooms for overnight stays. The guest checks in and has stayed there. In this context, it was customary to offer certain types of food.

The day room works completely differently. It is booked by guests for a single day stay. This means that they check in in the morning and leave the room in the evening. There is no overnight stay.

In most cases, guests do not receive meals. The room is only booked to live in it during the day.

It differs in every way from an ordinary overnight room and the actual purpose of hotels, guest houses and similar establishments. These were originally designed to provide rooms for overnight stays.

Is it worth booking a day room?

In the case of day rooms, the question inevitably arises who needs and books it. The day room is suitable for every guest who needs a place to retreat and work during the day.

It is especially ideal when traveling on business.

The guests rest in day rooms and relax from stress. They can also prepare important business appointments. It is the ideal retreat for employees and executives who are on a business trip.

The day room is also suitable for fitters or construction workers. By booking a day room, you have the option of withdrawing at any time. Ultimately, day rooms are worthwhile for hotels, guest houses and private individuals who rent rooms.

The problem with many hotels is that the rooms are unused for the day after checking out. New guests only check in in the afternoon or evening. In the meantime, hotels and guest houses are missing out on income.

When you rent a day room, you avoid the rooms being empty and not generating any income. Most day rooms can be booked between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

There are great benefits for vacation rental owners. Often these properties are completely empty outside the holiday season. In this case it is lucrative to rent for day stays. Income is generated that makes the property more profitable.

What equipment do day rooms have?

Guests want to benefit from good comfort in a hotel or pension. Those who stay in a hotel can book simple and luxurious rooms. This choice is also possible for day rooms.

Ordinary day rooms already offer a good level of comfort. One of the conveniences they usually offer is free internet.

All things that are available in overnight rooms are available. Guests do not have to accept any sacrifices in terms of comfort in day rooms.

Day rooms are also well equipped in holiday homes. In principle, it is an overnight room that is used during the day. Thus, it does not differ from other vacation properties in terms of comfort.

There are rooms that are very luxurious or particularly large. For example, it is possible to offer entire apartments as day rooms. Guests have full comfort, prepare food and do other things they would do at home.

Where does the concept of the day room come from?

The day room concept comes from America and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. While the trend is relatively new in Germany, it has been around for a long time in France and Spain.

Originally, the rooms were offered in the US to give business people a chance to rest before long trips. Day rooms are widespread there, especially near airports.

Advantages of day rooms

Day rooms have various advantages and disadvantages. One of the greatest benefits for guests is that they can usually use the entire hotel when they book the room. This means that they have no restrictions whatsoever.

You use the sauna, the swimming pool, the restaurant or the bar, as the length of the stay is irrelevant for the offer. Furthermore, there is the great advantage that you can conveniently store luggage on a business trip.

Guests don't have to bring anything with them because all the equipment is available.

Day rooms are very cheap and an excellent way to withdraw on a budget.

Disadvantages of day rooms

One of the biggest disadvantages of day rooms is that usually no meals are included in the price. In addition, the room must be left in the afternoon or evening.

The guest must leave the day room at a certain time because it has been booked by overnight guests. If you start your journey home late, in the worst case you will end up with luggage for a few hours "on the street".

How are day rooms offered and booked?

Day rooms are conveniently offered and booked over the Internet. Interested parties can quickly and easily get an overview of the available rooms.

Hotels, guest houses and private providers offer their day rooms online via various platforms. This means that a day room can be offered in any major city at short notice without problems.

Payment for day rooms can be made online or in cash.

Guests have the special option of booking a room anonymously. This is usually not possible with an overnight room.

The supply of day rooms in Germany is increasing almost daily and business people have discovered renting out rooms as an investment opportunity.

It can be assumed that in a few years the supply of day rooms will have increased significantly and that this type of rental will account for a high proportion of the total turnover of hotels and guest houses.

Day rooms can be found in all major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bonn, Dresden, Leipzig, Osnabrück, Münster or Düsseldorf.

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