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Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) profile and facts

Louis Tomlinson


Louis Tomlinson becomes a member of a famous boy band through his participation in "The X Factor". As the singer in "One Direction", he turns various girls' heads.

Louis Tomlinson was born in Doncaster, England under the name Louis Troy Austin. After his parents split up, Louis drops his father's name, Troy Austin, and later takes his stepfather's name, Mark Tomlinson. He has five younger half-sisters, two of whom are babies in the British series "Fat Friends". Through his half-sisters, Louis Tomlinson gets the chance to work as an extra in the series. He later took acting lessons in Barnsley and got - among other things - small roles in "BBC" television films. In addition to school, the later "One Direction" singer works in a cinema and waits at soccer games in the VIP lounge.

As a student, the up-and-coming singer played in several musical productions. He later explains that the role of "Danny Zuko" in the cult musical "Grease" motivated him to apply to "X-Factor". In the auditions for "X Factor" Louis Tomlinson appears as a solo singer. During the "Bootcamp" round, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger suggests that Louis Tomlinson team up with the other solo singers Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles and continue as a band. Under the care of Simon Cowell, "One Direction" took third place in "X Factor" and signed a record deal after the show. The band tours, records more albums and has achieved successes all over the world.

Profile, name: Louis William Tomlinson
Nickname: Boo Bear
Birthday: December 24, 1991 in Doncaster, England
Star sign: Capricorn
Size: 1.75 m
Siblings: 4 sisters
Hair color: brown
Eye color: Green Blue? - blue-gray?
Favorite song from the album 'Up all Night': Moments
Favourite colour: dark red
Favorite animal: dog
Siblings: 4 sisters
Favorite comedian: James Corden
Relationship: awarded to Eleanor Calder
Favorite song: Free falling by John Mayer
Favorite Star: Natalie Portman
Favorite band: The Fray, Ed Sheeran, James Morrison, Kings of Leon
Favorite Food: Cookies, dough, pizza
After shave: Hollister
Instruments: piano
Hobbies: Soccer, party, tennis, chilling out with friends
Special talent: can talk to animals (parrots), and soccer

Facts about Louis:
* Is right-handed
* His nickname is Boo Bear (because that's what his mother used to call him)
* Louis is a German name and means 'famous warrior'.
* He is the oldest of the 5 boys.
* Louis talks to his mother every night - most of the other boys.
* When Louis met Emma Watson, he told her that she was his first crush.
* When Louis and Eleanor were in Paris, Louis wrote "I Love Eleanor Calder!" screamed on the Eiffel Tower.
* Louis: "Zayn, you can't be a Power Ranger if you can't swim. A drowning Power Ranger would be strange!"
* After watching New Moon, Louis pretended to be Edward Cullen all evening.
* Louis often says that he will be immature forever because he doesn't want to grow up.
* He would absolutely love a fan about dates.
* Louis was once suspended for showing his headmaster the ass.
* Louis once said that if he were a One Direction fan and had to be in love with someone in the band, he would have a crush on Harry.
* Louis Tomlinson likes feet.
* Louis known as '' the ladder ''
* "I straightened Harry's hair while he was sleeping and he woke up crying" -Louis
* Louis spent his very first paycheck adopting a chimpanzee named Larry.
* Harry and Louis have slept naked in a bed before.
* Louis' phone wallpaper is a photo of him and Eleanor.
* He's never quite said it before, but he loves shopping.
* Harry describes Louis as "handsome and sturdy".
* Louis plays the piano very well.
* Zayn once said that if he got stranded on a desert island, he'd take Louis with him if he got the chance.
* "I would like to think that I'm sexy, but I don't think that's me, I don't know what Sezy is about my appearance." - Louis
* Harry and Louis are the only ones of the five who can drive.
* Louis was abandoned once because he was '' not pretty enough ''.
* Louis thinks he has a girl's ass.
* Louis favorite word is: '' Breasts ''.
* After Louis broke up with Hannah, he didn't kiss a girl for 2 months because he thought it was 'too early'.
* He bought his old soccer team because they were about to break up due to financial problems. As long as he is the owner and in the games he can have a say and play. Only if the One Direction schedule allows it, of course.