What is the definition of global health

Global health

Health, especially the fight against infectious diseases and the development and expansion of resilient public health structures, is increasingly becoming the subject of foreign and security policy. Traditionally, development policy has for decades been concerned with promoting health in other countries as well as at the international level.

The SWP would like to bring health-related topics into the German development, foreign and security policy debate and is conducting a three-year research project entitled "Global Health: Challenges and Options for Achieving the Health-Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Germany's global health and security policy Development Policy ”. The research project has several priorities; the analysis of global, regional and national challenges as well as synergies between relevant concepts and policy fields. On the one hand, the requirements and performance of the current world health order are to be analyzed. On the other hand, challenges and options for action are identified at regional and national level. As part of the project, the role of the European Union (EU) and specific country examples are examined in more detail. Ultimately, the project focuses on synergies. At the conceptual level, synergies between concepts such as global health, security, political stability and the right to health are worked out. With a view to various policy areas, the interfaces and connections between policy fields such as security, foreign, development or climate policy and health policy are explored.

The aim is to develop proposals for German and global health policy in line with a health in all policies approach. For this purpose, the networking of the relevant national and international actors is made possible through different discussion formats.

With the research project, the Science and Politics Foundation wants to make a contribution to a coherent and sustainable German global health policy. The project is part of the SWP's Global Issues research group.

Project funding: The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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