Is Airdroid safe to use

AirDroid: what is it? And what can the software do?

Maybe you are a Mac user but still have an Android smartphone? Or an Android tablet? Then we would like to introduce you to the AirDroid app, which will make it easier for you to work together between your Android device and your Mac in the future.

The good thing about it: AirDroid is not only available for macOS. You can also use the app with Windows, or even as a pure web app.

What can AirDroid do?

The software allows you to move files between devices. This can sometimes be very useful if you just need a document on your smartphone or a photo from your mobile phone on your computer.

You can also control your smartphones remotely with AirDroid and read and answer messages on the computer. It does not matter whether these are normal SMS or WhatsApp messages, for example. With the function of the remote keyboard, type texts on the smartphone with the PC keyboard.

The quota for remote data transmission is 200 MB and 30 MB per file. The app can be used free of charge for this purpose. You can download the app from the manufacturer's website.

What connects the two devices is, similar to Apple's Apple ID, in the case of AirDroid, the AirDroid account.

The Pro version can do that

If you want more, there's a Pro version that costs $ 1.99 a month, or even just $ 1.67 if you pay upfront annually. You receive unlimited quota for remote data transmission and have higher file size limits (100 MB on the web, up to 1 GB on a Mac or PC).

You can also trigger the camera on the Android device. This can be helpful, for example, if you want to create additional images from a different perspective while live streaming or recording videos for YouTube and other platforms. You can of course also place the device on a tripod.

With the Pro version you can also copy folders locally, get by without advertising and can find your phone from your computer (comparable to the Apple function “Find my iPhone”).

AirMirror: The Android device on the desktop

If you have AirDroid installed on your Mac, you can also use the "AirMirror" function. There is the view mode, in which you can simply display the content of the smartphone on the screen like a presentation. You can then record that, for example for live streams. It's included in the free app.

If you want to control the apps from your smartphone on your computer instead, download the free “AirMirror” app from the Google Play Store. Tired of playing casual games at home on the small screen? Or do you want to use your Android smartphone as a surveillance camera? AirMirror gives you the opportunity to do so.

AirDroid also for iOS

In 2011 AirDroid started as a standalone software for Android. Versions for desktop systems followed, and AirDroid is now even available for iOS. However, unlike Android devices, Apple itself offers many functions with AirDrop and Continuity camera and document scan, etc., via which your iPhone or iPad can work together with the Mac.

Conversely, this does not apply to Windows users. Accordingly, they should probably be happy about an app for iOS. You can download it for free from the App Store. It requires iOS 9.3 or newer.