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Does frankincense affect the jinn?

Question: Does frankincense affect the jinn?

Answer: ALLAH's blessings be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad.

The mu'minuun among the jinn love what the mu'minuun love among the people and the kuffar among the jinn hate what the kuffar among the people hate. Basically, a Shaytaan is khabith (bad), which is the opposite of tayyib (good). The Shayaati among the Djinn hate all nice and good smells. They loathe everything that smells good and run away from it - regardless of whether it is perfume or incense etc. That is why many people spread good smells in their houses when they want to drive the shayaatiin among the jinn from there. Furthermore, the use of good smells is also used during a Ruqyah to drive a Shaytaan out of a person. This means that incense and other good smells actually have some influence on the shayaatiin among the jinn. However, there are no traditions (ahaadiith) regarding the special influence of incense on the shayaatiin among the jinn.

And ALLAH knows best and is wiser.

Islamic source: MAJ_FAR_DE_000000695

Note: This fatwaa by Sayyid Mahmoud Abdulaziz Joudah comes from a question and answer session. The approximate meaning of the fatwaa has been translated into German. The translation may therefore contain errors.