What is the real name of Post Malone?

Malone, Post - Post, August Richard

Would some artists have become as well known under their maiden name as under their pseudonyms? Who knows. Example:Post Malone

Post Malone (July 4, 1995), American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer, real name is August Richard Post. It was named after his father, Rich Post. His birth mother

is called Nicole. Post Malone grew up with his father and stepmother Jodie, but is still in contact with his birth mother Nicole. Allegedly she moved to Texas especially to see her son as often as possible.

Post is born into a large family. His grandmother Diana gave birth to four children, including Post's mother Nicole. Post Malone has a half-brother, Jordan, who comes from his birth mother's marriage to another man; with Mitchell he has another stepbrother who was born before his father and Jodie got together.

Rich Post worked for the American football team Dallas Cowboys, so Post Malone got enthusiastic about the sport from an early age. However, he is also a huge basketball fan. His song "White Iverson" is about Allen Ezail Iverson, a comparatively small but particularly agile basketball player at 1.83 m. This is where the assumption arises that Post Malone chose his pseudonym based on the well-known basketball professional Karl Malone. Post itself rejected this assumption: with “Post” he raised his middle-class surname to his first name; "Malone" threw out a generator for rapper names. "White Iverson" is the song that Post Malone put online himself, through which a record company noticed him and offered him his first record deal.

Originally based in New York, Post's family moved to Grapevine, a town near Dallas, Texas, when Post was just ten years old. Through his father, himself a great music fan, Post learned to play the guitar and wrote his first own songs at an early age. Because he is a fan of the New York hip-hop group

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"Terror Squad," he briefly joins a hip-hop group in Grapevine. At fifteen he applied to be a guitarist in a hardcore band, but was not accepted. During his high school years he played in a metalcore formation.
When Post went to Los Angeles in the early 2010s, he also began posting his own songs on the Internet. As a result, he is already known for his inward songwriting and his rather casually laconic singing style, with which he mixes different genres of rap, pop and R&B.

Through collaborations with Kanye West ("Fade") and Justin Bieber ("Deja Vu") he achieved a high level of awareness. Between 2016 and 2019 he released the albums "Stoney" (2016), "Beerbongs & Bentleys" (2018) and Hollywood’s Bleeding (2019).

Post Malone has won a slew of awards including three American Music Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, and an MTV Video Music Award, to name a few. In August 2020, he becomes the first solo artist to top both the US Billboard Rap Airplay charts and the Adult Contemporary charts.

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