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Stripes, checks, dots and much more
"Patterns do more"

With patterns it is like with Carola Nahnsen's apricot-colored coat: When she was invited to speak to a larger group of women some time ago, she wanted the brightly colored model. When she looked for him in the cloakroom after the event, it was easy for her. He stood out between dark blue, black and gray winter coats - as if marked with a highlighter. It's the same with patterns: "In a more conservative environment, a diamond can be noticed," explains the image and style consultant from Steinfurt. The more fashionable the environment, the more patterns it takes to attract attention.

Checks are the entry-level pattern.

Carola Nahnsen, style advisor

The intersecting colored lines, which can be combined in an infinite variety, are completely timeless for Carola Nahnsen. “Checks are the entry-level pattern,” she explains. Even those who only feel comfortable in simple things can stay in their comfort zone with a Glencheck plaid, which will also remain relevant this spring / summer. As a blouse or top, be it discreet, as a blazer or trousers a little more striking.

On the other hand, the patterns that find their role models in the animal world would be much louder. “I don't know when Leo wasn't there,” says the expert about this classic. Due to the retro revival of the season with echoes of the 70s and 80s, reptile patterns are also popular again. The decisive factor here are the fabrics, "so that it does not slip into the cheap". Silk is a material that is valuable enough to dampen the sounds in the pattern. Basically, the Leo look is more for women with green or brown eyes and not that light skin.

Carola Nahnsen

The following applies to all patterns: It is not just the environment in which they are worn that determines the extent to which they appear conspicuous and attract attention. The part of the body on which they take place also plays a decisive role. "Patterns make more," says Carola Nahnsen in a nutshell.