How can we convince people of spirituality

Hidden Spirituality

For many years man has been looking for happiness, his spirituality everywhere, in the earth, on the seabed, in mountain heights, without knowing that it is in himself. What is Spirituality? The word is derived from Latin "Spiritus, Geist, Hauch" or "spiro", "I breathe". There are numerous definitions such as B. from the Duden: “Spirituality; inner life, spiritual being ”. The Dalai Lama defines basic spirituality as the basic human values ​​of goodness, kindness, compassion and loving care. That is why one could speak of a humanistic spirituality that is geared towards making the values ​​of humanism a reality in one's own life.

The Indian theosophist Nilakanta Sri Ram († 1973) writes:
“To be spiritual is not about leaving the world, putting on special clothing, performing special ceremonies, or being religious in any conventional sense. The spiritual state is a state of consciousness ". And that is philosophical spirituality: the development and care of the inner life.

This creates an awareness that all things and beings have a spiritual origin with which one can come into contact. This awareness leads, on the one hand, to a careful treatment of nature as a living being and, on the other hand, to a humanistic attitude, which Hans Küng described as a “global ethos”: “This one world needs an ethos; this one world society does not need a uniform religion and ideology, but does need some binding and binding norms, values, ideals and goals. "

A spiritual attitude to life is expressed through mindfulness and awareness. Through deep reflection and meditation on oneself, the inner nature of things and the course of events, one perceives everything intensely. One understands that nothing happens by chance, but follows natural laws (which are often unknown to us). In this way one recognizes the meaningfulness inherent in everything, which leads to deep inner happiness - because beyond all difficulties and problems one is in contact with "life itself".

And how can one live spirituality concretely? Through spiritual encounters and an exchange of innermost reflections with other people, e.g. B. in philosophical discussions and the common struggle for knowledge. Here it is important that we do not fight or convince each other, but rather appreciate the different perspectives - according to the motto:

“There is a place beyond right and wrong. We meet there. " (Rumi, Persian mystic of the 13th century)

In this way we enrich one another and expand our inner worlds. Another possibility is old customs. In many places, the seasonal customs of fire are reviving, such as B. at the summer solstice a torch dance around a burst of fire, which is then lit together. Or the joint creation of a spiral made of fir branches with candles for the winter solstice, the light of which then grows from the inside out. Sometimes rituals develop spontaneously. I recently experienced this at a dance party: The birthday child was led into the middle, which was formed by a circle of burning colored glass. And one friend after the other danced a round with the birthday boy and then got someone else in the middle to continue. Everyone registered a strong sense of community and shared joy.

Spirituality is also experienced in contact with sacred places. These are z. B. Churches are suitable, which are mostly on old "pagan" places of worship ". It is good to come in now and then and to remain in silence for a few minutes. There are also “places of power” in nature, e. B. under a tree, at a spring, by a special rock, in geomantic places. Sensitive people feel the different energies of the different places. The knowledge of the meaning of places of power “lives again.