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WhatsApp delete recently used smileys: is that possible?

How can I delete the last used smileys in WhatsApp? Can I somehow clear the list of recently used emoji in WhatsApp and if so, how exactly does it work? Anyone who uses WhatsApp will certainly have given one or the other message with an emoji. The WhatsApp emoji can be called up quite easily by simply tapping the smiley symbol next to the input field and then selecting and submitting the corresponding emoji. The recently used emoji are then displayed in WhatsApp under an extra tab.

Delete the last used smileys in WhatsApp

One or the other WhatsApp user may have asked himself, can you delete the smileys last used in WhatsApp and empty the list? In short, there is no direct function for deleting or resetting the list of recently used emoji, at least not yet in the current version of the instant messenger for Android and iOS. However, you can reset the list of used emoji via detours or a trick. and empty, even if that is a bit time consuming.

Clear WhatsApp smiley history

In the following we have described the necessary steps using the Android version of WhatsApp.

  1. First you have to create a current backup of your messages and chats, if you don't, they will be gone after the next step.
  2. If you have created your WhatsApp backup, then open the Android settings and select the entry for “WhatsApp” under “Apps”.
  3. Under the menu item “Storage” you can now find the option “Delete data”. Confirm the deletion of data and start WhatsApp.
  4. When you start WhatsApp you will get back to the initial setup, since you have created a backup of your messages, you can easily restore it here.
  5. If you now open the emoji keyboard in WhatsApp, the tab with the recently used emoji should be empty.

Quite time-consuming to delete and empty the list of recently and frequently used emoji in WhatsApp, but we are not yet aware of any other method. Can it be easier? If you know more about it, please share your knowledge under this article in the form of a short comment.

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