What are Spider-Man costumes

Spider-Man costume

The Spider-Man costume is logically the "disguise" that Peter Parker wears during his acts as Spider-Man to conceal his true identity.


It's a multi-part suit, which encloses the entire body, consisting of one Main piece for the body, as well as one mask, Boots and Gloves. For the most part it is costume Colored red, with a black mesh pattern on it. However, a blue coloration can be seen under the armpits and the leg section is also blue. The mask is quite elastic and hides the shape of the head. She also has two white eyes, consisting of a transparent mesh. There is also his mark, a black spider, on Spider-Man's chest and in the Gloves, on the wrists, a space for his net.


Initially, Peter developed a slightly different one on his own costume, consisting of a pullover with red sleeves and a black chest, with a red spider on it, a blue one trousers, red Turn- and Gloves, as well as a red one Balaclava, because back then he was still called "The Human Spider". But when he decided to become "Spider-Man" in the long run, he optimized it Costume design. Especially the mask is very well known, if only because it wants to be taken off by many people in order to look behind the facade. So far only Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy have managed to do this, albeit only halfway, for a kiss, and Harry Osborn. J. Jonah Jameson owned it for a while after it was briefly thrown away by Peter when Peter gave up being a superhero. Since that Spider-Man costume Spider-Man was damaged or even partially destroyed in actually all tougher fights, it can be assumed that Peter either owns several models or has repeatedly made a new copy or restored his old one.