What are wild horses

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Emily wanted to know.

And so Constantine replied:

Wild horses or horses living in the wild are often quite small breeds. The only real wild horse in the world is the Przewalski horse, which lives in Mongolia in Asia. The stallions of this breed are no more than 1.46 meters tall, mares stay smaller. Other wild horse breeds are for example the Dartmoor and Exmoor pony in Great Britain or the Dülmen wild horse in Germany. They all only get around 130 cm tall. The wild mustangs in America are also rather small horses.

Only quickly in an emergency

Nevertheless, they are fast - similar to domestic horses, they probably reach top speeds of almost 50 kilometers per hour. But wild horses only gallop so fast when their life is in danger and only for a very short time. Usually they move more leisurely, because like all wild animals that have to find their own food, they prefer to save their energy - especially in winter.

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Giants of the seas: blue whales

The largest whales are the blue whales. They are up to 30 meters long and live in all of the world's major oceans. The smallest whale species is the porpoise, which is only between 1.5 and 2 meters long. Harbor porpoises are also found here in the North and Baltic Seas.

The fastest swimmers among whales are the killer whales, also known as orcas. When hunting for fish, seals and penguins, they can reach top speeds of 65 kilometers per hour.

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